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Can I replace the battery in Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 8?

The ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 8 is Lenovo’s first commercial convertible for 2023, and it packs a lot of great stuff. It builds on the great foundation built with last year’s model, but now comes with 13th Gen Intel Core processors. You should be able to get great performance for years to come, but one part of a laptop that may not last long is the battery, as it is with most laptops. Fortunately, you should be able to replace the battery in the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 8.

We say “must” because Lenovo hasn’t yet published repair guides for the ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 8, but since the design is exactly the same as last year’s model and you can replace the battery in the ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 7, there’s no reason to be different.

Either way, being able to replace the battery is nice because it degrades over time more quickly than other components, and you can get much more life out of an existing laptop by replacing the battery. As such, the instructions below are also based on the Gen 7 model, but should be exactly the same for this iteration.

What will you need

If you are planning to replace the battery in the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 8, the first thing you will need is a new battery to install in the laptop. Lenovo parts finder It is relatively easy to buy spare parts for laptops, including batteries, so we recommend going there. You may also be able to find it at a third-party reseller by searching for the part number on the Lenovo website.

You will also need a Philips screwdriver and possibly a prying tool to help you open the laptop. If you don’t have this device yet, the iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit is a great place to start. You may also need a file wrist strap To prevent electrostatic discharge while working on a laptop computer because it could be damaged in this way.

iFixit Essential Electrical Toolkit
iFixit’s Essential Electronics Toolkit

This iFixit toolkit includes 16 precision bits, vaporizers, a suction cup, and more tools to help you get inside your laptop and other electronics.

Preparing to replace the battery

Although an anti-static wrist strap should prevent damage to the laptop while working on it, Lenovo still recommends disabling the built-in battery before opening the laptop. This should help remove any residual current from the system, which also helps prevent damage. First, you will need to disable Fast Startup in Windows 11:

  1. On Windows, open a file control Board. You can search for it by typing in the start menu.
  2. In the upper-right corner, change the view to either Big icons or small iconsthen select Power options.
  3. From the left menu, click Choose what the power buttons do.
  4. Near the top of the page, click Change settings that are not currently available. You will need administrator rights to do this.
  5. Deselect a file Turn on fast startup box at the bottom, then click Save Changes.
    Screenshot of the Control Panel in Windows 11 showing the Fast Startup option disabled

Now that Fast Startup is disabled, you’ll need to head into the BIOS settings to disable the battery. to do this. Follow next steps:

  1. Restart the laptop and press F1 on the keyboard as soon as the Lenovo logo appears.
  2. In BIOS Setup, go to File configuration tab and choose Power.
  3. Choose Disable the built-in batteryJournalism Entersthen select ss to confirm your selection.
  4. The laptop will turn off automatically, and the battery will be disabled.

With all this said, you are now ready to replace the battery inside the ThinkPad X1 Yoga.

How to replace the battery in ThinkPad X1 Yoga

The battery is one of the most accessible components inside a laptop computer, so replacing it is generally easy once you have all the required equipment. Ensure that you are working in a friction-free environment (fabric or pets should not come into contact with your laptop). Here’s what to do.

  1. Start by removing the built-in pen and Nano SIM slot (for cellular models) from your laptop. Then place the laptop upside down on a table.
  2. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the five screws holding the bottom cover in place.
    Illustration showing how to remove the bottom cover on a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga
  3. Lift the bottom cover starting at the laptop hinge, then remove it completely.
  4. The battery is held on by six screws on the bottom half of the laptop. Remove the screws with a Philips head screwdriver.
  5. Lift the battery from the laptop using the tabs on top of the battery.
    Illustration showing how to remove the screws and the integrated battery on Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga
  6. Insert the new battery in the same position as the old battery, and secure it with the six screws. Be careful not to overtighten the screws as they may damage the motherboard.
  7. Reinstall the bottom cover, securing it with the five screws you originally removed.

And that’s it! Now that you’ve replaced the battery, you’ll need to plug your laptop into an outlet and head to the BIOS settings again to re-enable the battery. You will also need to re-enable Fast Startup in Windows. After that, just let the battery charge completely, and you should be good to go.

Having a new battery can add a lot of life to an old ThinkPad, giving you a few more years of use without spending money on a whole new laptop. If you’re buying a business laptop and want to save money in the long run, it’s much cheaper than replacing your entire fleet of laptops every three years.

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