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Can I upgrade the RAM and storage on an Apple MacBook Pro (2023)?

The Apple MacBook Pro (2023) was launched packing macOS Ventura and the M2 Pro/Max chipset. For the first time on an Apple laptop, it supports up to 96GB of RAM and 8TB of storage, making it one of the best Macs currently on the market. Though, this begs the question: If I buy an entry-level MacBook Pro (2023), can I upgrade the RAM and/or storage later? The short answer, unfortunately, is no.

Apple Silicon Macs rely on unified memory instead of traditional RAM modules. So since the MacBook Pro (2023) uses Apple Silicon processors, the RAM is actually part of the M2 Pro or M2 Max chip. This allows applications to quickly exchange data between the CPU, GPU, and Neural Engine. So while this may boost performance and efficiency, it also means that RAM upgrades are not accessible to the user.

Similarly, the SSD storage on the MacBook Pro (2023) is not user accessible or replaceable. Apple explicitly states that users cannot upgrade the RAM and SSD after completing the purchase. Therefore, if you think you may need more of any type of memory in the future, you should choose a higher configuration at the time of purchase. Otherwise, you’re stuck with the lowest model you get.

If you’ve already bought a MacBook Pro (2023) and really need some extra SSD, you can rely on external storage devices as an inconvenient workaround. Alternatively, you can sell your used unit and purchase a brand new MacBook Pro with internal enhancements. Although you will most likely lose a lot of money in the process.

Apple MacBook Pro (2023)

The 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro (2023) models adopt the same exterior that first introduced in 2021. They offer enhanced M2 Pro and M2 Max chipsets, Wi-Fi 6E support, Bluetooth 5.3, HDMI 2.1 compatibility, a notch display, and more.

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