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Chainsaw Man's Saddest Power Moment Recreated in Heartbreaking Fanart

Warning: Contains spoilers for Part 1 of the Chainsaw Man mangaIn an eerily mesmerizing new piece of fan art, Chainsaw Man fan-favorite, and Denji’s best friend Power is recreated with all the stunning emotion and vibrancy befitting one of the story’s most gut-wrenching scenes.

The fan art posted to Twitter by the artist Reta (@phoneafrog), depicts the moments before Power’s murder by Makima in front of Denji. In the manga, the scene is one of the most heartbreaking and shockingly toxic scenes in the saga. On the one hand, it’s one more painful trauma Denji must suffer, especially considering his best friend is killed by the woman he has romantic feelings for. On the other hand, it cements Makima’s status as one of the evilest villains in all of Shonen manga. @phoneafrog perfectly relays the whirlpool of emotions of the scene through the expression on Power’s face – a look of happiness tinged with awkward surprise punctuated with a foreboding fear.

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With her “hater” mindset and grating personality, Chainsaw Man initially portrays Power as a secondary character. She is a sort of cold-blooded, morbid comic relief who is also an exceptionally skilled devil killer. She starts off as a character who didn’t have any deep friendships, nor cared to create any. All that changes as she starts to live and work with Denji. The more the two worked, and hung out together, the more their relationship grew, to the point where Power, the historic loner, has grown to consider Denji to be her first friend ever – a true friend she will later go on to sacrifice her own life to protect.

In the manga, Power arrives at Makima’s apartment with a birthday cake for Denji. She is more than likely excited to celebrate the occasion with Denji and Makima. However, her happiness at seeing Denji quickly fades to surprise as she realizes Denji, upon opening the door, does not respond as she expected. He just stares at her for a moment with a sweaty zombie-like glance. Makima then steps from behind Denji, raising her finger gun. But before she can do anything, Makima obliterates Power. If a picture is worth a thousand words, @phoneafrog’s piece creepily mirrors the vibe of that unnerving scene.

Power’s death marked a turning point in the lives of both Denji and Makima. Denji slips under Makima’s control, which was one of her reasons for killing Power right in front of his face. Conversely, Power’s death marked the apex of Makima’s control in the story. Subsequent events, including Power’s temporary resurrection, lead to Chainsaw Man‘s ultimate triumph over Makima, the devil she ultimately wanted to make her own. If viewers look closely, perhaps they can see that faint glimmer of hope in eyes of @phoneafrog’s Power in this gorgeous piece of Chainsaw Man fanart.

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Chainsaw Man is now available from Viz Media.

Source: @phoneafrog

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