Chris Jones Closes Press Conference With A Blow At Bengals Players

Another AFC competition is shaping, this time between the Kansas City Bosses and the Cincinnati Bengals.

Over the beyond couple of seasons, the Bengals have arisen as an imposing rival, yet they have likewise completely obliterated the Bosses.

They crushed the Bosses at Sharpened stone Arena in last year’s AFC Title Game and dominated both standard season matchups between the two groups.

Bengals players have begun referring to the Bosses’ arena as “Burrowhead Arena” to pay tribute to their group’s control. A few players with the Kansas City Bosses have seen it.

Star guarded tackle Chris Jones told journalists he’d see them all at Burrowhead Arena as the present question and answer session wrapped up. Simply last year, Jones recorded 15.5 sacks.

The Bengals’ hostile line is feeling the loss of a few vital participants, so he’ll confront a daunting task.

Before this game, the Bosses had a lot of Bengals-related release board material to use as inspiration.

Apparently the Bengals have given them much more impetus to work on this season than they previously had after last year’s misfortune.

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