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Clint Eastwood co-wrote a song with Elvis ex inspired by his split from King | music | entertainment

More than 50 years ago, Miss Tennessee model Linda Thompson moved to Graceland with Elvis Presley after his separation and eventual divorce from Priscilla. After four and a half years, Linda grew tired of the celebrity lifestyle and the couple divorced around Christmas 1976, less than a year before the singer died of a heart attack in the toilet at the age of 42. In the decades that followed, Linda went on to become a successful songwriter, occasionally channeling her lingering romantic feelings for Elvis into her songs. One of those, a Whitney Houston classic, was co-written with her ex-husband David Foster.

Penned for the Oscar-nominated 1992 film The Bodyguard, Nothing included lines about Linda’s love for Elvis like “I never knew love like I knew it with you” and “Don’t get away from me, I’ve got nothing, nothing, nothing if you don’t.” you have “.

Linda’s love for King and the heartbreaking split is evident in the lyrics of a song she co-wrote with Clint Eastwood and Carol Baer Sager about Diana Krall, back in 1999.

Was there anything more I could have done?
Or did I not mean to be me?
Where is the life I thought we’d share?
Should I care?
Will someone else get more from you?
Will you go to sleep more confident than you?
Will she wake up knowing you’re still there?
Why should I care?
There is always someone to turn to and turn away
And who wants to stay
But who said love is always fair?
Why should I care?
Should I leave you alone here in the dark?
Hold my broken heart
While the promise still hangs in the air
Why should I care?

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