Commercial, social activities grounded in Bauchi due to non availability of new Naira notes

Commercial and social activities have reached the lowest ebb in Bauchi caused of the ongoing lack of availability of the new Naira notes thereby forcing people to remain confused.

A survey of Commercial banks in the Bauchi metropolis revealed that the operational ATMs are not enough to meet the demands of people who want to get the new notes as service providers are reluctant to accept the old notes.

At the Access Bank, Polaris Bank, Zenith Bank, Taj Bank and others, hundreds of people were seen in the various queues waiting for their turns to withdraw while others are trying to beat the deadline for depositing the old notes.

Mr Simon Amos told our Correspondent that what surprised him was that he wanted to lodge at one hotel in GRA but was told point blank that they will not accept old notes and so he had to come to the ATM to withdraw the amount he needed.

Mrs Christiana Michael lamented that she could not spend the few thousand she has because traders have stopped collecting the old notes expressing sadness that the common man has been made to suffer by the change of money.

As it is now, commercial motorcycle and tricycle operators have stopped collecting the old notes forcing commuters to trek long distances within the metropolis.

Also, POS operators are not collecting the old notes for deposit but are trying to disburse the ones they have a development that is gradually brewing uneasy calm in the state.

The story is not different from what is happening in other areas of the state as reports monitored indicated that the villagers are finding it difficult to get the new notes while the old notes have ceased to be legal tender even before the date set by the federal government.

It was also discovered that Pastors and other Church leaders have told their members categorically not to bring old notes to Church on Sunday (today) because they will be rejected.

The Church members were advised to bring new notes for tithe and offering or better still, to transfer them to the Church account.

The majority of the people are calling on the federal government to as a matter of necessity, extend the date and make the process less cumbersome for the people, particularly the innocent common man who is bearing the brunt now.

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