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Cowboy Bebop Creator talks about the difficulties of animation

Cowboy Bebop isn’t the only anime created by director Shinichiro Watanabe, with his ilk Space Dandy And Samurai Champloo Also obtaining “anime classics” status from the creator. In a recent interview, Watanabe pulled no punches when it came to sharing his thoughts on the live-action series on Netflix, unable to make his way beyond the initial scene. Shinichiro also went into detail when it came to his work Animatrixthe anthology series that showed viewers new sides of the universe gave us the likes of Neo, Trinity, and more.

Works on Animatrixwhich was first released in 2003 as an anthology film covering the past, present, and future matrixgiving Watanabe his first opportunity to work with creatives in Hollywood, an experience he created Cowboy Bebop Apparently he wasn’t a huge fan of According to his recent interview with Forbes:

“Now I’m working on a new, original title. Most of the offers I get these days tend to be from America and the budgets tend to be about twice as high as what I get in Japan. Animatrix, I started working with people in Hollywood. It is always difficult to work with these people. This is because in the beginning they promised me that I could do whatever I wanted, but that’s just the word of mouth.”

Cowboy Matrix

Much like his takedown of the live-action Netflix series Cowboy Bebop, Watanabe didn’t pull any punches when it came to his tryout:

Actually, I had a huge altercation with a Hollywood producer Animatrix. He always came up with these stupid requests, just so he could limit his input. Since the requests were stupid and irrational, I rejected them all. Unfortunately, I couldn’t win in this situation, so I had to compromise on some of these things. But I learned from this bitter experience. For later projects, I’ve gotten a lot more savvy about people who want to step in. In it, I will send very small corrections or adjustments before the deadline. This tends to work.”

Watanabe then shared the surprising fact that his work had continued Animatrix He almost got into a fight with a producer on the project:

Original product dated Animatrix He was a really good guy. He understood my work and did not make stupid requests to me. However, he had to leave due to family issues, but his successor was terrible. Lots of requests. Change this, change that. It was very frustrating, and if these requests were coming from the Wachowskis, I would have at least respected that when they came up with matrix. So who was the new product compared to that? He made it clear that he was the Wachowskis’ gatekeeper and unless he was convinced, he wouldn’t bring my business to them. So when I went to L.A. for the recording sessions, I told the team that if I saw that producer, I was going to punch him in the face. The producer ended up not showing up to the recordings, which is unheard of.”

Animatrix It was far from the only anthology created on a Western project using Japanese animation, with Disney Star Wars: Visions as one of the most recent examples.

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