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Days Gone and Last of Us Creators team up with TikTok star Michael Le for web series, comedy and video game

Liithos, a newly created AAA gaming and entertainment studio led by PlayStation veterans Michael Mumbauer (the We delay) and John Garvin (Days passed), Web3 marketplace CoinZoom and Hedera, partnered with popular TikTok influencer Michael Lew to create innovative narrative series to showcase on TikTok. Starring Le with TikTok influencer Slider Jesus (257k Instagram followers), the epic adventure will introduce the world to Ashfalla transmedia IP announced by Team Liithos earlier this year that will launch as a comic book series in March and with a AAA video game currently in development.

Starting January 29, the five-episode digital series can be watched on Le’s viral TikTok. In what Liithos describes as a throwback to the old Sunday Comics showtime, it will air a new episode every Sunday.

“Today the stars have been promoted by millions of true fans and followers on TikTok as we find our new heroes and villains,” said Mombauer, Founder and CEO of Liithos. “We look forward to collaborating, merging and elevating the multimedia experiences with such superstars as Michael Law for the next generation. The Liithos TikTok Creators Series is the first of many that Liithos is looking to launch to create seamlessly crossable paths between the media and the evolving online space.”

According to a statement from the producers, Liithos will celebrate each episode by releasing a one-of-a-kind free digital collection that will only be available through CoinZoom. Fans can claim all collectibles by signing up for a CoinZoom account, hitting the claim button, and paying a small processing fee (usually around $1.50). Each collectible is illustrated by Marvel and DC legends like animator and film artist Coran Stone (Young justiceAnd Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part One), Fico Ossio (artist and co-author of the manga-inspired critics’ series”There is no one left to fight“, Spider Man), Eisner Award winner John Cassady (planetaryAnd Amazing X-Men), Dave Wilkins (Masters of the Universe: Revelation #3And Star Wars – Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison), Eisner Prize winner Karl Kirschel (Superman adventuresAnd majestic) and Tom Raney (Annihilation: ConquestAnd Alpha flightAnd Ultimate X-Men). Fans who collect all five digital collectibles can return to collect a sixth mystery digital reward available only to those who participated in the entire event. You can get more details about the event at Lithos website.

Digital collectibles will give fans access to a sneak preview of the upcoming Ashfall sitcoms. Written and drawn by “who’s who” comic talent including Garvin, who conceived and wrote the story, along with art from Marvel and DC artist Paul Pelletier (AquamanAnd Guardians of the Galaxy), Brett Booth (backlashAnd gunslinger), and Eisner Award winner Tony Harris (StarmanAnd machine ex), the comic book series introduces fans for the first time to the Ashfall Universe, which takes place in a region of the Pacific Northwest ravaged by climate change where Seattle has been submerged under the ocean for hundreds of years.

in AshfallThe Relic – deadly pockets of dark energy – has brought mutation, havoc and chaos wherever it appears. As civilization splinters into factions and enclaves and humanity battles over resources and different ideologies, Ash Naranjo, born without weapons, is taken in by the Life Sciences Organization, who give him TechGyn prosthetic arms and other nano-implants – changing him forever. Now a ghost of the Order, Ash fights for the United Enclaves, vowing to destroy the unjust Freelanders who took his family and destroyed his homeland.

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