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DC Confirms Batman's Superpower Is His Family

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS ahead for Batman Incorporated #4

One of Batman’s best powers is his family in the DC Universe, and the latest issue of Batman Incorporated proves just how hard it is to replicate. Although Bruce Wayne has given leadership of Batman Inc. to his old friend and ally Ghost-Maker, things have been far from smooth sailing for the sociopathic vigilante. Case in point, it’s been revealed that Minhkhoa “Khoa” Khan will likely never have his own version of the Bat-Family (nor does he deserve one).

In the new Batman Incorporated #4 from Ed Brisson and John Timms, Khoa faces Phantom-One, Ghost-Maker’s past attempt to create his own Robin. Connected to his obsession with trying to “beat Batman” with bigger and better achievements, it was revealed that Khoa sought to have a better sidekick than Batman’s following the death of Jason Todd’s Robin. However, Ghost-Maker’s abusive training and lack of emotion made him a terrible father and mentor. Phantom-One took more risks to prove himself which ultimately led to Ghost-Maker turning his back on his sidekick following an explosion, not caring to check whether Phantom-One was alive or dead. However, the young man was saved by the vigilante Black Mist who’s now helping Phantom-One get his revenge alongside Clownhunter, Ghost-Maker’s current sidekick who looks ready to kill him after Phantom-One beat Khoa into submission in this new issue, serving as brutal proof that the unfeeling Ghost-Maker will never be able to form his own Bat-Family.

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Thanks to Ghost-Maker and Batman reuniting in Gotham and Khoa taking over Batman Inc., Black Mist and Phantom-One were no longer able to sit by while the world started seeing Ghost-Maker as a public hero. This is why Phantom-One started killing all of Batman and Ghost-Maker’s former teachers, seeking to teach Khoa a lesson while luring him out into the open. Now, he’s seemingly convinced Clownhunter to take the final blow against Ghost-Maker, and it’s hard to argue that he doesn’t deserve what’s coming to him after what he did to Phantom-One.

All in all, Khoa having his former and current sidekicks united in their belief that Ghost-Maker needs to die is a pretty black-and-white sign. Ghost-Maker can’t and shouldn’t have his own version of Bruce Wayne’s Bat-Family. For all Batman’s darkness, he still sees himself as the father to his Robins and genuinely cares about those who help him keep Gotham safe. In comparison, Ghost-Maker wanted nothing more than a soldier and had zero interest in being the father Phanom-One desperately needed. As such, he’ll never possess the unique strength Batman has that comes from his family, friends, and allies.

While it’s possible that Ghost-Maker could potentially change and make up for his sins against Phantom-One, it doesn’t look as though he has a lot of time to make up for the past. That being said, perhaps Clownhunter will decide to show Khoa Khan mercy in the issues to come, giving Ghost-Maker the chance to set things right in future issues of this new Batman series. Batman Incorporated #4 is on sale now from DC Comics.

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