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DC Teases Joker's Terrifying Version of Batman Inc.

Warning: Potential SPOILERS for Batman Incorporated #7The Joker’s obsession with Batman is about to manifest in a completely new way as DC Comics alludes to the clown’s own version of the Batman Incorporated team. Though DC has released little information beyond a teaser, the possibility of Joker Inc. is novel and makes perfect sense, given the villain’s recent history.

DC teases the new, terrifying team of Jokers in the April solicitation for Batman Incorporated #7. The issue summary mostly focuses on the central plot about Professor Pyg and Ghost-Maker, the current leader of Batman Incorporated. At the end of the summary, however, the final sentence takes a turn and suggests a new direction for Batman’s arch-nemesis: “And as if that weren’t enough—the road to Joker Inc. begins here!” The full solicitation follows:

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While the idea of “Joker Inc.” is something completely new, the Batman Incorporated team has been around since Grant Morrison’s legendary Batman run just over a decade ago. In every iteration since its inception, Batman Inc. has gathered together international heroes—often working as Batman derivatives—to work under a single umbrella. The most recent Batman Incorporated book and team, which launched in the back half of 2022, is run by Ghost-Maker, Batman’s morally gray ally. Though the Joker isn’t usually associated with Batman Inc., the supervillain, too, has been dealing with Joker derivatives: there are currently at least two Jokers running around the United States, and it’s not yet clear which is the “real” one.

This mystery—which Joker is the original?—is an intriguing launching point for a concept like “Joker Inc.” Though readers don’t know much about what DC is planning beyond the name “Joker Inc.,” the name itself already suggests that Joker might unite with his multiple selves instead of battling out the problem. Fans have already and recently seen the Joker as an international man of mystery in The Joker, helmed by writer James Tynion IV, so the character is already primed for more international escapades. Adding the strangeness of multiple Jokers working together only adds to the fun.

Where the idea of “Joker Inc.” will lead in an official capacity, as announced by DC Comics, is yet to be seen, but this teaser is an exciting prospect for a truly novel, strange, funny, and definitely terrifying story. Will the Joker learn more about his multiple selves? Will they work together? Will they be working against Batman Incorporated? There are more questions about “Joker Inc.” than answers, but hopefully fans will learn more in the months to come.

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Check out Batman Incorporated #7, available April from DC Comics!

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