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Do you kill Ryuji or let him live?

For most of the game, Persona 3 Portable has a straightforward objective, to reach the top of Tartarus and defeat each of the 12 Shadows during full moon operations. After defeating the Twelve Shadows, the next step in the story is not clear, and Ruigi’s introduction raises more questions.

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Ryuji finally explains to SEES who he is and what his goal is before making the decision to kill him or be killed by Nyx. The final decision is up to the player, and each choice will lead to a different ending to the game, one of which is the true ending with additional content and the true final game boss.


Allow Ryuji to live

After being told their choices, the SEES members seem conflicted at first, but by the deadline, every member makes it It is clear that they want to let Ryuji live So they can take on Nyx and try to save the world. Allowing Ryuji to live is The “correct” answer if there is one. By allowing him to live, he will disappear and become the Nyx entity that will bring about the end of the world – and allowing Ryoji to live will give players access to every day during the month of January.

January is the last playable month in the game, and players are tasked with reaching the top of Tartaros before Nyx descends in upstairs on January 31st. January 31st will require you to get to the top floor, and splitting the long trip in the last few areas into multiple trips will make this task more bearable. by Get upstairs and hit Nyxwill open The “good” ending from the game.

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Ryuji is killed

Junpei and Yukari talk on graduation day

Not all SEES, except for Aigis, want to kill Ryoji, and as the one who has sheltered death for so many years, the decision is up to you alone. You and Ryuji will return to your room, where he will ask you to kill him, by choosing to do so the screen will turn black, and there will be A slight jump to graduation day in March. Selecting this option will be effective cut the last part of the game, It doesn’t require you to finish Tartarus, skip the final boss, and get an alternate ending. make this decision Effectively ends the game It does not introduce further gameplay before pushing the player to an alternate ending.

Much like Ryuji’s promises, all of the SEES lose their memories, and a few of them remain friends. At graduation, Mitsuru gives a speech about how blissful ignorance is, and the protagonist, Yukari, and Junpei hang out one last time. Within the last few frames, the screen will go white, Which signifies the arrival of the Nyx and the end of the worldthe game ends with a “bad ending”.

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