Does Maddie Russo Really Have Pancreatic Cancer? GoFundMe Scandal

Maddie Russo pancreatic cancer has grew to become out to be a rip-off. Her GoFundMe scandal has been caught as her most cancers declare has been falsified. Madison “Maddie” Russo is an Iowa female who has these days been within the information for her fake cancer claims.

The Iowa woman speaker approximately her state of affairs in numerous podcasts and news shops consisting of the North Scott Press newspaper. Additionally, she had additionally installation a GoFundMe web page claiming to apply the donation to remedy her most cancers.

However, after being verified to have lied approximately the disorder, she is being charged with robbery. The 19-year-vintage allegedly raised greater than $37,000 through the crowdfunding platform. Apart from GoFundMe, Maddie also allegedly raised money from personal donations and numerous non-income companies.

Does Maddie Russo Really Have Pancreatic Cancer? Maddie Russo pancreatic cancer claim has been demonstrated to be a rip-off. Russo wrote on social media that she suffered from acute lymphoblastic leukemia and degree 2 pancreatic cancer. Additionally, Russo claimed to have a tumor wrapped around her backbone the scale of a soccer.

Apart from social media, the 19-year-antique also shared her tale with information retailers, in search of help and donation from people. Everything the Iowa girl claimed about her being a cancer affected person became out to be a massive scam for money. She become lively on her Facebook and pointed out the situation in numerous outlets, searching for sympathy and money.

Maddie Russo GoFundMe Scandal Maddie Russo pulled off a massive scandal on the crowdfunding on line provider GoFundMe. Elderidge Police Department accused Maddie of elevating over $37,303 from greater than 400 donors thru GoFundMe.

Her tale became picked up on social media and highlighted with the aid of the North Scott Press newspaper in an October 2022 version, where she gave her cancer story. The 21-yr-old additionally openly mentioned her most cancers journey as a visitor speaker at The National Pancreatic Foundation in Chicago, St Ambrose University.

She also mentioned her state of affairs on a podcast for Project Purple on-line, garnering sympathy from several Americans. Maddie Russo Arrested Earlier, Elderidge Police Department launched a announcement regarding the arrest of Maddie Russo.

The assertion read that the Elderidge PD was made aware of the scandal on January 11, 2023. The police did now not discover any medical facts displaying Madison having been recognized with any form of cancer tumor from any clinical facilities within the surrounding cities.

Hence, on January 23, 2023, the Elderidge Police arrested Madison from St. Ambrose University in Davenport for theft utilising deception, which changed into a class C legal. The police additionally carried out a search warrant at her house in Bettendorf, Iowa, wherein they observed objects of evidentiary fee.

In addition to the GoFundMe donation, Russo additionally prevalent personal donations from non-income groups, organizations, faculty districts, and personal residents. The 19-year-vintage turned into booked inside the Scott County Jail and hung on a $10,000 cash-only bond. She is about for arraignment on February 23, 2023.

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