Eating eggs linked to blood clot threat: Joe Rogan lambasts new examine

UFC commentator Joe Rogan has shared a model new report on his Instagram that claims consuming eggs can doubtlessly set off blood clots.

World-renowned podcast host Rogan has on no account shied from voicing his opinions. He sometimes takes to his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience to share his concepts. However, this time he took to Instagram to blast a report from an outlet claiming eggs may set off blood clots.

Rogan was backed by followers and fellow fighters as they assume – and pray – it’s “fake news.”

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Joe Rogan lambasts examine that claims eggs are linked to blood clots

The declare appeared in an article by NewsPunch on January 24, 2023, entitled Scientists Warn Eggs Are Causing Thousands Of People To ‘Suddenly’ Form Blood Clots.

The article reads: “Scientists are now warning the public that consuming eggs could cause blood clots, strokes, and heart attacks.” It ought to be well-known NewsPunch’s phrases of use state the group doesn’t uphold the accuracy of its reporting

Joe Rogan took to Instagram to share a screenshot of the report, together with he hoped it was a prank. The 55-year-old wrote on Instagram: “This is either some black belt-level trolling or the AI has gone sentient.”

Fans took to the suggestions in uproar over the report. Boxing star Marlon ‘Chito’ Vera jested: “What would the aliens say about this?” MMA promoter Bellator wrote: “The answer is simple – just eat Lucky Charms.”

Interestingly, Instagram has given a warning message beneath Rogan’s put up, warning viewers it’s “missing context.” The put up was reviewed by fact-checkers who claimed: “information in this post is missing context and could mislead people.”

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Original examine says article doesn’t ‘accurately represent’ its findings

A 2017 examine by Cleveland Clinic researchers is supposed to help the NewsPunch article. However, the distinctive examine makes no connection between eggs and blood clots. In actuality, the Cleveland Clinic even mentioned: “The online article [making this claim] does not accurately represent the findings of our 2017 research.”

The examine referenced states that taking supplemental choline in a capsule raises TMAO [trimethylamine N-oxide] ranges. As a consequence, this gave an increase in “platelet responsiveness,” a menace challenge for coronary coronary heart assaults and strokes.

Choline is current in numerous foodstuffs along with eggs and meat. However, the evaluation didn’t current a direct correlation between consuming eggs and “suddenly forming blood clots.”

In actuality, Cleveland Clinic researchers did a second examine by which they found egg consumption failed to point out raised TMAO or enhanced platelet response.

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