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Elden’s Ring: Celestial Dew Location Guide

The Elden Ring allows you to kill almost any friendly NPC in the game, but there are consequences to doing so. Even simply attacking a friendly NPC can cause players to lose mission progress or access to important items. Fortunately, the Elden Ring gives players a way to atone for their transgressions with a consumable item known as Celestial Dew.

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Heavenly Dew is a rare item Can be used in church vows to achieve absolution of one’s sins. There are two misconceptions regarding heavenly dew, so it’s worth pointing that out right away The item cannot help revive dead NPCs. Instead, getting forgiveness simply means that NPCs will forget that you ever attacked them and revert to friendship. There are 10 Vials of Heavenly Dew scattered throughout the Elden Ring and their locations can be found below.


Llornia lakes heavenly dew

There are flasks for Celestial Dew that can be obtained early in the game in Liurnia of the Lakes. The first one can be looted from a dead body Inner side of the south gate of Raya Lucaria. Since the south gate is locked, you’ll need this Make your way to the main gate in the north and head south from there. To bypass the magic barrier, you will need to get the Glinstone Key, which is guarded by the Glintstone Dragon Smarag next to one of the small islands west of the Academy.

The other vial of heavenly dew It can be purchased from a merchant called Pidia inside Caria Manor. Caria Manor is located in North Luirnia in the Lakes near the Three Sisters sub-district. The only problem is that you can’t reach the merchant from inside the palace. Instead, you will need to clear the place and leave the area. Once out, Take a left and follow the wall until you reach the cliffs. Look to your right to see an ancient tower roof. Make your way there and then Use the scaffolding to go down to another stone roof with a hole. Go down the stairs and you will run into Bidya, who is selling A flask of heavenly dew for 5,000 runes.

Heavenly Dew Ainsel River

Heavenly Dew River website

The following vials of Celestial Dew can be found underground in the Ainsel River area. This underground area can be accessed via Well of the Einsel River in eastern Llornia in the lakes. Once you get there, Continue through the left tunnel Until you reach a cave full of coffins and piles of bones. Take the left tunnel again Keep going until you reach the ruins. As you exit the tunnel, you will see a corpse hanging from a pole in front of you. Walk towards it and you will find out Another corpse is below, hanging from a ledge. Loot this second corpse for the first bottle of Heavenly Dew.

Heavenly Hermit Trader website

Make your way through the large building To get to a larger open area with more rubble. You will be attacked by a monster perched on top of the temple as soon as you enter the area. Do your best to dodge their projectiles as you make your way towards the temple. Once inside, talk to the Hermit merchant and he will sell you a file A flask of heavenly dew for 7,500 runes.

Noxtella, the heavenly dew of the Eternal City

Heavenly Dew Nokstella, Eternal City

Other vials of Celestial Dew can be found in Nokstella, Eternal City, an area that is also part of the larger Ainsel River District. This area can be accessed Through the road gate at the top of Renna’s Rise Once you have advanced enough through the Rani Quests. instead, You can get there using the coffin in the depths of Debrot. No matter how you get there, from Ainsel River’s Grace Site, Make your way south through the ruins Follow the river to Noxtella, the Eternal City. Once you reach the site of grace, Turn right and cross the river. Continue until you see three snails surrounding a corpse. He ransacked the corpse for the Heavenly Dew Flask.

Celestial Dew Nokstella, Eternal City Second location

Return to the river and follow it downstream While being careful not to get killed by the countless enemies moving around. After passing under the bridge, you will see a tall building on your left. There is an elevator inside but don’t go in it yet. Walk past the building to find a smaller structure filled to the brim with sticky mud. Kill the slime to reveal the body of an unfortunate adventurer. You will find another Vial of Heavenly Dew when looting a corpse.

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Nokron, Eternal City, Heavenly Dew

Nokron Heavenly Dew Location, Eternal City Location

Nokron, the Eternal City is another underground location that can only be accessed after defeating Starscourge Radahn and descending into the crater. There are at least three bottles of Heavenly Dew here. The first part of the area is pretty linear Continue until you come across Mimic Tear, then continue until you reach Ancestral Woods. West of the bridge you’ll find the Ancestral Woods location for Grace, so go ahead and activate it if you haven’t already and head back to the bridge. Instead of going back to the bridge, Go under it and carefully go down to the destroyed structure to the north. You will find some Heavenly Dew on one of the two corpses inside the ruins.

Heavenly Dew Ancestral Forest

With that out of the way, head back to the Ancestral Woods of Grace location. from the site of grace, Follow the rooftops until you reach an area where you will be attacked by two silver tears. Send them from a distance if you can, but don’t go towards them yet. instead of it, Climb the stairs and jump onto the nearby ledge. Turn right and go around the building to find a corpse holding a vial of Heavenly Dew.

The location of the Holy Land in the Heavenly Night Dew

Go back and make your way to the roof Where you encountered those silver tears earlier. The next part is very linear Continue following the rooftops until you reach the cathedral. Take out the enemies from above if you can and climb the ladder to the lower level. Upon exiting the cathedral, you will find yourself in a place called Night’s Sacred Ground. On your left, you’ll spot a slime cluster with many corpses, one of which is holding the third vial of Celestial Dew.

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Irdtree Sanctuary heavenly dew

Heavenly Dew Erdtree Sanctuary website

The last Vial of Heavenly Dew can be found in the Erdtree Sanctuary. Needless to say, you won’t be able to get this until late in the game. From the Grace Erdtree Sancturay website, Look east to find a thick branch that you can use to get to the upper level. Go through the building and turn left as soon as you come out. Jump onto the nearby roof and find a hatch that will take you back inside the building. Head through the doorway on the other side of the room To find a dead body hanging on a ledge. Loot it to find the tenth and final vial of Heavenly Dew.

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