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Every DC Character Confirmed For The Gotham Knights Show (So Far)

The Gotham Knights TV show confirmed a cast of old and new DC characters proving to be one of the most ambitious lineups of any new DC show. Since 1966 Batman has been a staple of television, and every show since has attempted to build upon The Dark Knight’s legacy. With titles like Titans and those established in the Arrowverse setting the pace, the Gotham Knights series has plenty of remarkable acts to follow, along with a new story to tell as it attempts to find its own identity.

Not to be confused with the game of the same name, The CW announced the development of the Gotham Knights TV show in 2021. Focusing on Gotham in the wake of Bruce Wayne’s apparent death, The CW’s Gotham Knights assembles a new team of lesser-known Batman characters, each with suspected ties to Bruce’s murder. Slated for a premiere in 2023 after Batwoman’s cancelation, Gotham Knights came off as its spiritual successor with many of the same writers and plot elements, albeit with a new continuity to explore.

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In the past, there have been many stories about Batman and the family he created. In other adaptations, he’s adopted children before, with such noted characters as Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, and Jason Todd. However, Gotham Knights’ trailer introduced audiences to Turner Hayes, Bruce’s adopted son and a new character specifically created for the series.

Played by Oscar Morgan, Hayes is one of the prime suspects in Bruce Wayne’s death, with the inheritance of the Wayne fortune supposedly serving as his motive. Forming an uneasy alliance with Gotham Knights’ other characters, Turner Hayes has a mystery to solve and his name to clear in a world where the Dark Knight is presumed dead. Without a recognizable counterpart in other DC media, it’s hard to say what’s in store for him; however, it provides new storytelling opportunities and room for Hayes to grow as a unique creation.

When discussing Duela Dent, it’s often hard to define her, having as many confounding origins as the Joker himself. Introduced in 1976 as Joker’s Daughter, over the years, she’s posed as the offspring of various Batman villains, been the disturbed leader of an underground society, a member of the Teen Titans, a time traveler, and a product of the multiverse. However, Gotham Knights seems to be a return to form and a new beginning for one of DC’s most confusing characters.

Recognized for her roles in High School Musical: The Series and Days of Our Lives, Olivia Rose Keegan has been cast as Gotham Knights’ Duela. The CW version of the character appears true to her comic book roots by setting up her nebulous origin story as Joker’s Daughter. Accused of having murdered Bruce Wayne in Joker’s name, the biggest mystery isn’t surrounding Duela’s involvement in the crime but who she truly is in Gotham Knights.

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Created by Frank Miller for The Dark Knight Returns, Carrie Kelley has been a fan favorite and one of many to become Robin. Saved by Batman after being attacked by a mutant, Kelley wore the costume of his former sidekicks and stopped criminals, hoping he’d take her under his cape. Helping Batman in his war to reclaim Gotham City, Robin became a hero in her own right while also showing the heart, drive, and strength of her vigilante mentor. In a story where Batman is supposedly gone, it makes sense that Gotham Knights borrowed elements from The Dark Knight Returns movie and one of its most beloved characters.

Known for her performances in various Disney projects such as Raven’s Home, Navia Zirailli Robinson became cast as a reimagined Carrie Kelley. Donning a variation on her iconic green glasses, Robin is mentioned as Batman’s “sidekick” in the Gotham Knights trailer. Although considering her role as a leader of the Sons of Batman (a group of teenagers trained to stop crime in the comics), it wouldn’t be surprising if she evolves beyond the title to carry on Batman’s spirit, like in The Dark Knight Returns series.

Harper and Cullen Row were siblings within the Batman comics and part of DC’s LGBTQ+ community. After Cullen was bullied for his homosexuality, Harper went after the gang who attacked him, forcing Batman to intervene when the two found themselves outnumbered. Inspired by Batman and concerned for his health during a rough patch in his life, Harper became part of the Bat-Family as Bluebird, using her knowledge of electronics to aid them. Although not as well-known as Robin and other Batman allies, Gotham Knights may change that by recognizing the Row siblings as LGBTQ+ icons.

Played by Fallon Smythe and Tyler DiChiara, the Row siblings appear to be involved in Gotham Knights’ Bruce Wayne conspiracy. Although The CW’s Harper isn’t too different from the comics, Cullen’s casting embraces a central role and his LGBTQ+ identity. Generally, a supporting character in the comics, Cullen Row, didn’t get as much prominence as his superhero sister. From his description, Gotham Knights reimagined Cullen as transgender and “ready to defend himself,” suggesting he’ll be fighting crime beside his sister Harper, potentially with a new vigilante alter-ego. Gotham Knights’ showrunners recognized the importance of LGBTQ+ representation, with their inclusion of Harper and Cullen Row reflecting that.

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The daughter of the Batman villain Cluemaster, Stephanie Brown, became a beloved character in DC’s comics. Former love interest of Tim Drake, Brown has donned the mantles of Robin and Batgirl but was better remembered as Spoiler. With Stephanie Brown and Cluemaster previously appearing in an episode of Batwoman, it’s clear that Gotham Knights is reminiscent of its Arrowverse antecedents, showing love to the extended Batman family and rogues gallery.

After appearing in Doom Patrol, Gotham Knights isn’t Anna Lore’s first DC project and is seemingly ideal for the character of Stephanie Brown. Described as a Gotham Academy student and best friends with Turner Hayes, Lore hinted at what’s ahead for her character: “I don’t want to give any spoilers away, but we’re going to have a great arc for the season.” Suggesting a role similar to Arrow’s Felicity Smoak as a coder and “the woman with the plan,” it makes sense that The CW would include Spoiler as a tech-savvy ally. Meanwhile, Stephanie’s father, Cluemaster, will also join Gotham Knights’ cast (as reported by Variety), portrayed by Stargirl’s Ethan Embry.

After debuting in 1942, Two-Face has been one of Batman’s most recognizable rogues. Noted for being a dichotomous coin-flipping deviant and friend of Bruce Wayne, district attorney Harvey Dent is one of Batman’s most adapted characters after appearing in films like Tim Burton’s Batman, The Dark Knight, and Batman Forever. Although mainly focused on new and lesser-utilized Batman characters, Dent showed Gotham Knights will feature familiar faces.

Misha Collins, who previously played Castiel on The CW’s Supernatural, was announced as Gotham Knights’ Harvey Dent. Described as a “charismatic” and “hard-charging” district attorney Gotham Knights’ Dent is a force to be reckoned with as Hayes’ team attempts to prove their innocence in Bruce Wayne’s murder. With an over 80-year history and a distinguished role as one of Batman’s most interesting villains, there are high expectations for Misha Collins to meet as Harvey Dent. However, depending on how the series unfolds, Collins’ performance could be one of its highlights as a new take on a classic character.

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One of the many characters to use the alias of Owlman, Lincoln March isn’t as well-known as the Penguin, Two-Face, or the Riddler but represents one of Gotham’s biggest threats. Believing himself to be the brother of Bruce Wayne, Lincoln March had ties to the Court of Owls, a secret organization manipulating Gotham City from the shadows. A deadly combatant and one of Gotham’s political figures, Lincoln March’s casting adds another layer of mystery to Gotham Knights and where its story will go.

In 2022, it was announced (via Deadline) Freeform star Damon Dayoub would be playing Lincoln March. Described as a “self-made industrialist with designs on becoming Gotham’s next mayor,” although similar to March in the comics, Gotham Knights’ showrunners warn fans to “expect some twists in the stories to come.” With a Bruce Wayne mystery like the one Gotham Knights set up, there are plenty of interesting theories to play with and ways to keep audiences engaged with enigmatic suspects like Lincoln March at the center of it.

An icon of pop culture and arguably DC’s most popular character, Batman, helped define the superhero genre for over 80 years. Having been adapted in every media form imaginable and still going strong, the presence Batman created is undeniable. Despite its shift away from Bruce Wayne as its protagonist, Gotham Knights is still a Batman story, and at its heart is his legacy as Gotham’s new heroes attempt to figure out where to go in a world where justice may not prevail like it used to.

After playing Bruce Wayne in Titans season 1, David Miller announced he’d be reprising the role of The Dark Knight. Currently, it’s unknown in what capacity Bruce Wayne will appear throughout Gotham Knights; however, the previews establish his presence will be felt in Batman’s absence and as the cast investigates his alleged murder. Although death isn’t always permanent in the DC universe, the future may very well be in the hands of Gotham Knights’ heroes because the war on crime never began and ended with Batman, but rather those brave enough to fight injustice.

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