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Fans react to Bray Wyatt’s wild new look, Uncle Howdy destroying LA Nite

Bray Wyatt was victorious in a Pitch Black match, which took place on Saturday Night Live WWE Royal Rumble. But the conversation surrounding the match revolved around what happened next. Wyatt donned a brand new mask after pinning L.A. Knight, then proceeded to shrug off every shot Knight took with a kendo stick as he tried to back up the ramp. Wyatt eventually attacked him on stage, prompting Uncle Hoody to appear on a platform and punch Knight with Senton across the stage. Sparks and flames erupted from the impact, leaving figures from Wyatt’s Firefly Funhouse watching from the stage as Wyatt delighted in victory.

Responses to Wyatt’s new look, Pitch Black match and Howdy’s gimmick then flooded Twitter. You can see some of the reactions below!

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