Federal University Dutse seeks partnership with EFCC for its Cyber study programmes

“We recognise that cybercrime is one of the most potent crimes in Nigeria, and we have developed a rich curriculum to equip our students”

The management of the Federal University Dutse, Jigawa State, has sought the support of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in developing and deepening the teaching and research of cyber security in the institution.

The vice chancellor of the university, Professor Abdulkarim Sabo Mohammed, made this appeal at the headquarters of the commission in Abuja on Wednesday while on a courtesy visit to the executive chairman of the commission, Abdulrasheed Bawa.

Mohammed commended the EFCC for its advancing pace in tackling internet-related crimes. He disclosed that his university is running courses in cybercrime and criminology to produce graduates that know about crime prevention and law enforcement issues.

“We recognise that cybercrime is one of the most potent crimes in Nigeria, and we have developed a rich curriculum to equip our students with the requisite knowledge in that area,” he said. “Our challenge in this respect is getting the partnership and help of the EFCC in establishing and equipping a forensic laboratory for the training of our students.”

Mohammed stated that the lack of a forensic laboratory has hindered effective teaching and sought the assistance of the EFCC to bridge the gap.

“Most of the courses on the ground in the university are related to the works of the EFCC. We need help to get the facilities that would strengthen the teaching of the courses,” he added.

Bawa appreciated the efforts of the university in developing and running courses on cyber security.

According to him, corruption is a bane to the development of Nigeria, and every effort being made by individuals and institutions to develop strength in tackling the menace should be encouraged.

“We are happy that the Federal University Dutse is championing such a cause and we will support and partner with it,” he said.

On the other hand, the EFCC boss noted that since the EFCC is not a revenue-generating commission, there may be little support it could offer in meeting the need for a laboratory for the university.

“We do not generate revenues and may not be able to offer much in the area of corporate social responsibility. But we will use our goodwill to seek assistance for the university,” he added.


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