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Flash Is Completely Wasting His Speed Force’s True Potential

Warning! The following contains preview pages for The Flash: One-Minute Special #1!The Flash’s latest antagonists may have just proved that the hero is wasting a big opportunity presented by the Speed Force. A preview for The Flash: One-Minute Special #1 reveals how the Fraction have used the phenomena for the betterment of their society.

It’s one of the strangest energy sources in the entire DC Universe, but it’s also responsible for imbuing some of incredibly powerful heroes. The Flash Family and various other speedsters all draw their power from the Speed Force, and they’ve made fine use of it. With their speeds, they’ve been able to journey to other worlds in the multiverse, travel backwards and forewords through time, and eliminate powerful threats. Over the years, the Flash has tried to study the Speed Force, but never managed to gain a solid understanding of it. He’s just come to accept that his connection to it is a blessing that allows him to help the world.

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However, the latest enemies to challenge the Flash and his allies may have shown that the Fastest Man Alive is using his powers a bit selfishly. In a preview for The Flash: One-Minute War Special #1 by Fernando Pasarin, George Kambadais, Lisandro Estherren, and Serg Acuña, the villainous Fraction reveal how they stumbled upon the Speed Force. Some time ago on the Fraction’s home world, a group of scientists reveals that they’ve found a powerful new energy source that could advance their society by thousands of years in the span of months. The Fraction’s leader, the Empress, has the scientists build a machine which successfully taps into the Speed Force thanks to the bravery of the Empress’ royal guard captain. The project leads to the Fraction advancing their society at unbelievably rapid pace.

Granted, the Fraction go well beyond simply improving their society for the better and start using the Speed Force to conquer other civilizations. But there’s something to be said for how the Fraction used the enigmatic energy for the betterment of the world. The Flash has always tried to use his speed for good, saving as many lives as he can and defending the world from terrifying villains. But maybe the best way Flash can truly help isn’t by being a superhero, but rather, by sharing the Speed Force with the world.

To his credit, Flash has tried to understand the ins and outs of the Speed Force, but any laws he discovers are ephemeral. But the DC Universe’s smartest minds should potentially be able to crack the Speed Force secrets, especially if Flash were to assist. In doing so, tech powered by the Speed Force could revolutionize the world, and help combat extremely pressing issues like climate change or famine. Yes, Flash is doing fantastic work as a hero, but it’s hard to argue against using the Speed Force to fight against crises facing the world. Fans can see more of how the Fraction utilize the Speed Force in The Flash: One-Minute Special #1, on sale January 31st, 2023.

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