Hon. Dachung Bagos: First Term Legislator Who Sponsored 30 Bills Impresses Constituents

He is a first term member of the House of Representatives where he represents Jos South/Jos East Federal Constituency but has recorded legislative achievements some would take many terms to accomplish.

Dachung Musa Bagos became a member of the House of Reps in 2019 where he has so far sponsored 33 bills, the highest by any federal lawmaker from Plateau State.

The history-making 46-year-old legislator is a member of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) who has endeared himself to elders and other stakeholders of the party in Plateau State, and had already being rewarded with his party’s ticket to return to the green chamber ahead of the 2023 elections.

His impact in the green chamber has undoubtedly been felt, with a whopping 33 strong bills in less than three years.

Some of the impactful bills he sponsored which have been passed include the National Biotechnology Development Agency (Establishment) Bill, 2019 and the Institute of Mortgage Brokers and Lenders (Establishment) Bill, 2019.

Bills awaiting committee report include the Nigerian Minerals and Mining Bill, 2019 and the Fire and Rescue Service Bill, 2019 while the bill seeking specification for the minimum qualification for the chairman of the University of Jos governing council and others has passed first reading.

Constituency engagement with constituents at the constituency office, Jos Plateau State.

Apart from his legislative activism, Bagos has equally impacted his constituency with his pro-people programmes.

He has empowered many of his constituents through his agricultural support initiatives, including provision of irrigation water pumps to enable dry season farming.

While recently celebrating 20 years anniversary of his marriage, he gave cash gift of eighty thousand Naira each to over 300 widows, youths and orphans in his constituency after training them on animal production and husbandry.

Dachung Bagos
Interaction with a small business owner, Akara and kunu seller at Shen, Jos

He had also severally intervened in the security challenges facing his people and had moved motions on the floor of the House to get President Muhammadu Buhari to act.

An unassuming and down to earth politician, he had been seen among the less privileged members of his constituency eating with them.

Fellow legislators, members of the public, including his constituents have hailed him for his service to the people.

He has received commendations on social media, especially Twitter where he regularly shares ideas behind his projects.

Here are some of the reactions to his posts:

Comr.Danaudi @comr_danaudi

“I have always admired your courage as a lawmaker and gradually you are becoming a leader that is winning the confidence of all even from a distance.”

Bonnies @bunnies04

“With people like u legislating, Nigerians have hope of better and stronger institutions in the future. We may not be like the US in 1,2,3 or 4 years time, Nigerians want to just see visible progress..”

??ℝ? ????? (P.O 4 president) @OGLodam

“Sir… You are one of the very few light we have in public office. E get as e go reach, we go remove you from PDP to YDP (Youth Democratic Party). Let’s see as things go first”

Pirmak Zwalnan, CLN @realZPirmak

“Bagos is doing great. He knows his legislative duty too well. He’s a consummate politician. His approach are always modern, classic and full of ingenuity. Bagos will go far…”

S B Jonathan @SBJonathan1

“You’re a blessing to our constituency, may God bless you and may He continue to increase you in all facets of life. Keep up the good work, Sir”

Phoenix @dogredluv

“Thanks…… We know you will never disappoint us . Keep flying high…We will continue to stand by you in prayers and when there is need to do that with our voters card. Congratulations.”

Pam Dagwom @PamDagwom

“We are proud of you honorable. God bless you extravagantly for your love and service to your constituents!!!”

Dayak Nyam @Yakz2018

“Honorable Sir, I have never regretted voting you . You will live long & continue touching lives.”

Pam Dagwom @PamDagwom

“Thank you honorable for helping our young people acquire quality education thus giving them a brighter future. God bless you extravagantly!!”

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