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How Breaking Bad Secretly Helps A Malcom In The Middle Revival’s Chances

A Malcolm in the Middle revival may be in the works, and the chances of it happening are actually secretly helped by the existence of Breaking Bad. The link between the two shows is Bryan Cranston, with the actor playing Hal in Malcolm in the Middle and Walter White in Breaking Bad. So, although the two shows couldn’t seem more different (with Malcolm in the Middle being a lighthearted sitcom and Breaking Bad being a tense drama), Breaking Bad may be the key to a Malcolm in the Middle revival actually happening.

Starting in the year 2000, actor and comedian Bryan Cranston rose to fame by playing Malcolm in the Middle‘s dysfunctional father, Hal Wilkerson. After the show ended in 2006, Cranston’s career then took a drastic turn, with the actor being cast as the star of Breaking Bad. Bryan Cranston recently revealed that a revival of Malcolm in the Middle could happen, something that Cranston would definitely be involved in. Going back to Malcolm in the Middle may seem like a step in the wrong direction for Bryan Cranston, but his Breaking Bad role and subsequent popularity may be what is needed to get the revival going.

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While Bryan Cranston was well known for playing Hal in Malcom in the Middle, his role as Walter White in Breaking Bad is easily his most popular. Bryan Cranston’s legacy is defined by Walter White, with many following the actor’s career closely due to his fantastic performance in Breaking Bad. Bryan Cranston’s appearance in Better Call Saul and leading role in Your Honor proves that his career is still going great, meaning that there are plenty of interested eyes on him. Because of the actor’s popularity, a Malcolm in the Middle revival is more likely now than ever.

Despite being two separate franchises, Breaking Bad has caused many viewers to check out Malcolm in the Middle due to Bryan Cranston’s involvement. Bryan Cranston’s involvement in a Malcolm in the Middle revival could cause even more viewers to tune in, meaning that studios may be motivated to get the revival going. Bryan Cranston seems eager to work on the Malcolm in the Middle revival, and due to his recognizability and caliber as an actor, he may be enough to finally get it made.

While he is integral to the revival happening, Bryan Cranston’s role as Walter White will make Malcolm in the Middle even funnier. The tones of Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle couldn’t be more different, meaning that the juxtaposition between Bryan Cranston’s roles would be bizarrely hilarious. Walter White has become Cranston’s defining role, meaning that even if he plays Hal again, some viewers won’t be able to see him as anything besides Walt.

Interestingly, Breaking Bad has already played with this juxtaposition before. The Breaking Bad box set DVD collection contains a joke alternate ending in which Hal wakes up next to Lois at the end of the Breaking Bad finale. This scene actually was a bit of a Malcolm in the Middle reunion on its own, proving that Cranston’s role in Braking Bad makes the show funnier.

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