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How long does it take to beat Hi-Fi Rush

Hi-Fi Rush arrived on the scene as a surprise to almost everyone. Not only is it a huge departure from Tango Gameworks’ usual projects, but it was also released on the same day it was announced. This lively rhythm game bursts with color and music that aims to make your experience a real thrill ride. Take on challenges and take down enemies as you make your way through the world as a wannabe rock star!

Just how many hours will you invest in this game? This partly depends on your preferences. Some players like to catapult themselves through the main story and move forward, while others enjoy every little detail that the game has to offer. No matter your playing style, we’ve got you covered. Thanks metrics from HowLongToBeatWe can give you a pretty good idea of ​​how much time you’ll spend playing Hi-Fi Rush.


How long does it take to beat Hi-Fi Rush’s main story?

Looking to hit that main story hard and then move on to the next game? Well, then you can expect to spend about 10 and a half hours with Hi-Fi Rush. This is the kind of game where you can go through the main story without missing out on too much side content. This doesn’t mean you can’t handle extras, just that they aren’t as numerous as other games. If you’re looking to mix up some sides with the meat and potatoes, we can give you an idea of ​​how long that might take, too.

How long is the average Hi-Fi Rush run?

Hi-Fi Rush Chai is flying high

If you are looking forward to taking your time with this title, you will spend about 12 hours in the world of Hi-Fi Rush. This will allow you to move through the game at a more relaxed pace while engaging with any extras that you find interesting. Hit some achievements while you’re at it! If you find that you just can’t get enough of Hi-Fi Rush and need to do absolutely everything, we can estimate how long that will take!

How long does 100% Hi-Fi Rush take?

Hi-Fi Rush is now available

Are you looking forward to achieving every achievement and attainment? Well, in that case, you can expect to spend around 13 hours with Hi-Fi Rush. Truth be told, it’s not that long until it’s 100% game. If you are a bounty hunter, this could make this game a prime target for you. Or, if you find yourself just feeling in the groove, you might want to see and do everything this game has to offer. No matter the reason, I hope you have a great time with this fast and fun title.

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