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How The Umbrella Academy Can Properly End Every Character's Story

The Umbrella Academy season 4 has a lot to accomplish to properly wrap up every main character’s story. The Umbrella Academy season 3 wrapped up with the Hargreeves siblings surviving a universal reset after they caused the kugelblitz. There were a lot of new questions that arose, mainly how Reginald was still alive, who resurrected Luther, and where were the Umbrella’s powers went.

The Umbrella Academy season 3 featured a post-credit scene of a version of Ben riding a train in what looks to be Korea. It’s unclear what version of Ben this is and what part he’ll play in the final season of the show. Like most season finales of The Umbrella Academy, it was a bit confusing as to where the show would go next. However, with season 4 being the final season, there is more pressure to fully wrap up each character’s storyline in a meaningful way.

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The Umbrella Academy season 3 was great for Luther. He finally accepted himself for who he is, and he was more comfortable in the body he had previously been so self-conscious about. On top of that, he fell in love with and married Sloane, one of the members of the Sparrow Academy. Even though they knew the world was ending, they decided to spend every moment they could together. It was heartbreaking to see Reginald kill Luther so that he could manipulate his other children to cross over to the Hotel Oblivion.

Luther needs to be reconnected with Sloane. It was obvious she made him happy and supported him in ways no other Umbrella ever had. On top of this, it would be great to see Luther’s arc about his body image come full circle and for him to accept himself for who he is, even if that means reclaiming his gorilla body. Luther felt a lot of pressure in the first two seasons to be the leader of his siblings because he was Number One; however, for a true end to Luther’s Umbrella Academy character arc, something needs to happen for him to relinquish his feelings of responsibility over his siblings.

Diego is a character whose story could be wrapped up very easily. He and Lila are expecting a child, so an easy way to conclude his story is to see what he looks like as a father to a child. Whether Diego and Lila end up together or not, the baby would give Diego something worth settling down for. Ever since Diego was introduced in season 1, he’s been looking to fight crime and prove himself as a member of the Umbrella Academy. Having a child who is dependent on him will give him something else to focus on.

Diego is likely to struggle in The Umbrella Academy season 4 without his powers, as he liked to define his worthiness with his abilities. It would be nice to see Diego create a life for himself without depending on his powers. It would also force him to come to terms with himself and believe in himself, something audiences have seen him struggle with since season 1.

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While The Umbrella Academy season 3 may have been good for Luther, it was horrible for Allison. Not only had she lost her daughter Claire, but she also left behind her husband Ray in the 1960s, which caused her to fall into a hateful and depressive state. Allison’s fate at the end of Umbrella Academy season 3 is a huge open question. Allison was the only sibling not healed by resetting the universe. She might be dead, or she may be alive and still have powers. Though Allison got what she wanted, it remains to be seen if she actually gets to keep her family intact.

Allison deserves her happily ever after when The Umbrella Academy comes to an end. She’s lost a lot and never seems to get anything in return for her sacrifices. Whether her happy ending is with Claire and Ray or in some other manner it would be a good way to finish off her character arc. Additionally, Allison needs to repent for her betrayal of her siblings. Five caught Allison making a deal with Reginald, and she ultimately was the one who reset the universe, but she never apologized for her part in Reginald’s manipulation or her assault of Luthor. She may be the Umbrella’s only clue to taking down Reginald.

The Umbrella Academy season 3, for the first time, really delved into the extent of Klaus’ powers. Not only can he come back from the dead, but he also can temporarily resurrect others as he did with Luther in season 3, episode 10. He was also able to do similar things with Ben in season 1, and the soldiers in the apocalypse in season 2, episode 1. It’s disappointing that just as Klaus embraced his new resurrection powers for the first time, he is stripped of them.

Assuming the siblings get their powers back, it would be cool to see Klaus embrace them and use them for good. Maybe he will help others heal by speaking with their departed loved ones. It’s a possibility, but the sky really is the limit for Klaus. Additionally, Klaus should get some closure with Dave’s death. Klaus was heartbroken in season 1 after his death and tried to save him in season 2. Season 3 didn’t focus too much on Dave’s impact on Klaus; a good end to his story arc would be having Klaus come to terms with Dave’s death, and hopefully move on from him.

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Because of Five’s time-traveling abilities, he is an old man trapped in a teenager’s body. What would really wrap up Five’s story is getting to retire. Because of all of the time travel, the events of all three seasons have taken place in about three weeks for Five. When he said he wanted to retire in season 3, he meant it. Seeing Five retire and do something he actually wants to do for the first time in much of his life is something that would be a good end to his story.

Additionally, it was hinted that old Five was the original creator of the Commission, which had prevalent roles in The Umbrella Academy seasons 1 and 2. This could indicate what lies ahead for Five in season 3, or possibly what he’d do after the show ends. It might be nice to see how the Commission came to be, and it would present an opportunity for a cameo from Kate Walsh’s The Handler.

The original Ben (who was a ghost only seen by Klaus) was killed in the original timeline before the events of season 1, and it hasn’t been revealed how he died, just that it had something to do with The Jennifer Incident. The Umbrella Academy season 4 needs to explain what The Jennifer Incident was and how it led to Ben’s death in one timeline but not in the other, considering it was mentioned in season 3 by Ben 2.0. It’s possible with the post-credit scene that there will be two Bens in this reset universe and that the Umbrellas may finally get their brother back.

As for Ben 2.0, he’s the only remaining Sparrow, since Sloane is missing at the end of the season 3 finale. Maybe the Ben from the train will help Ben 2.0 be a little nicer and help him grow into a better version of himself. It’d be interesting to see the two Bens interact with one another and hopefully learn from one another. There are a lot of theories about Ben, so only time will tell what will actually happen.

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One of the things that Viktor needs to do for a good ending would be to make up with Allison. In the past, Allison had been Viktor’s biggest ally in the family, and seeing their falling out in The Umbrella Academy season 3 was hard. In season 4, Viktor needs to reconnect with his sister and find a way to move on together, despite each other’s past mistakes.

Viktor became himself in season 3 and fully embraced who he was. Viktor told Harlan that his mother, Sissy, was one of the biggest reasons why, which goes to show how impactful that relationship was for him. However, it doesn’t feel like Sissy was the one for Viktor like how Ray was for Allison. The Umbrella Academy season 4 would benefit from having Viktor find someone who accepts all parts of him. Viktor’s had a lot of trauma, from how he was raised, to the gaslighting and manipulation in season 1, the apocalypse he caused, and Harlan’s murder; he needs someone who can accept him despite all of that.

The Umbrella Academy season 3 ended with Reginald seemingly getting everything he wanted. While it’s not clear exactly what that means, he did have Abigail back by his side. Reginald has been the ultimate puppet master in The Umbrella Academy, and the only fitting ending for him would be to lose. Whether that means dying, losing Abigail, getting depowered, or any combination of those, it would be satisfying. Reginald has caused his children so much trauma and pain, so it’s only fair that he finally loses to them.

The Umbrella Academy season 4 has a lot to accomplish to give each character a satisfying ending. On top of that, they need to finish the story they sought to tell. These endings, whether happy or not, need to be earned. The Hargreeves siblings have a lot to overcome against their father, each other, and themselves to have a really satisfying ending. Hopefully, The Umbrella Academy’s fourth and final season and provide audiences with the endings they desire for their favorite characters.

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