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How to find and grow carrots

Finding great food is always a struggle in Valheim, and if you’re still working your way through the early game, you’re probably tired of hunting pigs and necks every time you get hungry.

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Fortunately, there is a way to passively grow your own food in the game, and it all starts with the humble carrot. Here’s how to find this amazing food early in the game and start growing your own.

Find carrots

Before you start your own carrot farm, you will need to find some carrots in the wild. As you walk through the black forest, Watch out for the white flowers with puffball petals. These are actually wild carrot seeds that grow on their own! Just interact with them, and get the seeds that come out.


Before you try to plant seeds, You will likely find about six to eight of these plants, But the more you find, the faster your farm will start producing excess carrots.

Start your farm

There is a small field of ripe carrots behind a hedge in the meadows.

After you have found a suitable number of seeds, You will need to try to craft a cultivator. This rake-like tool can be built in the Forge with five bronze and five wood cores, both of which can be harvested from the Black Forest. Naturally, this means that you will need a smelter and a coal furnace before building this item.

Once you’ve built your cultivator, approach your soon-to-be farmland and open the build menu as you would a hammer. Select “Cultivation” and start removing dirt. If it works, it should turn dark brown. If you have carrot seeds in your inventory, You should be able to select the “carrot” option. With that specified, start planting carrots on the cultivated land.

Don’t forget to build walls around your crops! Enemies have an annoying habit of destroying them.

In order for carrots to grow, they need two things: Enough room to grow and nothing on top of it. If they lack color, they will turn darker until the problem is resolved. If the problem cannot be resolved, the carrot will not ripen and the seed will be lost.

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Once they are fully ripe, you will be able to interact with them to extract one carrot per crop, and once you do that, you have to unlock the Carrot Seed Planting Recipe. for those, You plant a carrot and you get three carrot seeds When harvesting the ripe flower. This means that you’ll want to dedicate at least a third of your carrot harvest to planting new seeds.

Efficiently grow carrots

The player stares at two lines of five seed islands packed into a three-in-one space.

If you want to maximize the space you have available, you will have to try to plant your carrots as close to each other as possible without preventing them from growing. A good rule of thumb is Leave about 3/4 of 1 ingame building unit between crops horizontally and 1 ingame building unit between crops vertically. This will allow you to fit 10 carrot crops in a three-in-one space, and this spacing also works for carrot seeds.

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Use your carrots

A bowl of carrot soup sitting on a table.

Carrots work as a good endurance food on their own, however It really shines when paired with other plain ingredients. Carrot soup requires one mushroom and three carrots to brew in the cauldron, but it gives you a whopping 45 stamina. It’s a similar story with deer soup and mince sauce. They all use carrots and common ingredients to make foods that can easily carry you through the swamps.

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