“I don’t really have memories from five years ago” – Kim Jung-hyun speaks about previous press convention controversy with Girls’ Generation Seohyun

On January 27, Kim Jung-hyun went to a public interview for his impending MBC current Kokdu: Time of God shut by driving lady Im Soo-hyang. The entertainer was feeling good as he grinned and fortuitously launched alongside with his co-star.

His cooperation with Im Soo-hyang by the way in which helped followers and fairly a number of columnists to remember his earlier question and reply session rivalry with Young ladies’ Age’s Seohyun.

He was gotten some particulars about the notorious 2018 public interview for his theatrics Time that features Young ladies’ Age’s Seohyun as the female lead, which prompted a ton of contentions in today.

The Accident Arrival On You entertainer answered by mainly expressing that he doesn’t recollect 2018 too successfully when gotten some particulars about getting once more throughout the saddle with a MBC current following 5 years.

Kim Jung-hyun is sweet to go to get once more to the Okay-show scene with Kokdu: Time of Divinity inverse Im Soo-hyang.

The enchanting dream current spins spherical a messenger of demise named Kokdu, carried out by Kim Jung-hyun, who comes rational like clockwork to rebuff people who have devoted sins. During one amongst his visits, Kokdu meets Dr. Han Gye-jeol, depicted by Im Soo-hyang, a specialist with secretive capacities. He is excited about her powers and joins her working environment as a gathering specialist.

Quite, Kim Jung-hyun is getting once more to work in Okay-dramatizations three years after the environment friendly finish of Mr. Sovereign inverse Shin Hye-sun.

Tending to his rebound with a MBC current, Kim Jung-hyun uncovered that he obtained some lots needed leisure to ponder himself and his inadequacies. He shared that he has assembled a superior variant of himself for watchers and expectations followers acknowledge him with good affection.

He expressed that he doesn’t have recollections from his 2018 question and reply session experience and is solely glad to rejoin with MBC for one more creation following 5 years.

“By and by, I had a ton of things occur. Thinking back and considering what had occurred, I had the option to utilize an opportunity to chip away at myself. I set up a superior variant of myself to present to the watchers. And keeping in mind that I wish the watchers would be available to watching me act once more, I really do realize that I need to keep procuring their trust back — with not so much talk but rather more activity — particularly assuming the watchers accept that there’s anything ailing in what I do”.

Back in 2018, Kim Jung-hyun featured inverse Young ladies’ Age’s Seohyun in Time. During a public interview for the current, the entertainer appeared noticeably awkward and segregated.

At that point, followers griped that his strategy of behaving was discourteous in course of Seohyun as he wouldn’t contact her palms and didn’t grin at her. Not prolonged after the current and the rivalry encompassing it, the Greeting to Waikiki entertainer left the gathering refering to wellbeing causes.

He then went on a break after the furious dialogue and obtained once more throughout the saddle with the 2019 blockbuster current Crash Arriving On You that features Hyun Container, Child Ye-jin, and Website optimization Ji-hye. He even proceeded to perform tvN’s verifiable parody current Mr. Sovereign with Shin Hye-sun as the female lead, which was a tremendous hit.

Nonetheless, in 2021 Dispatch uncovered that entertainer Kim Jung-hyun was involved with Eve entertainer Website optimization Yea-ji in 2018, who taught him to keep away from any heartfelt or skinship scenes with Young ladies’ Age’s Seohyun.

The entertainer later put out an individual expression of remorse to his Time co-star.

Kim Jung-hyun began his occupation in melodic effectivity center previous to making a shift to films alongside with his presentation film Overman, which debuted on the 2015 Busan Global Film Celebration.

He made his TV debut with School 2017 inverse Kim Se-jeong. He furthermore featured in a few well-known Okay-dramatizations collectively with Welcome to Waikiki, Crash Arriving on You, and Mr. Sovereign, and might presently be that features in Kokdu: Time of Divinity.

Kokdu: Time of Divinity airs each Friday and Saturday at 9.50 pm KST on MBC Show.

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