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Is Blueface Getting Married To Chrisean Rock? Know The Truth

Wonder if you’re favourite rapper Blueface is getting married? Well know the truth here.

This past weekend, Blueface and Chrisean Rock released a music video for their new joint single, “Dear Rock,” in which they were wed.

A scene from ‘Dear Rock’ music video shows Blueface exchanging vows with Rock

The couple did visit a wedding chapel on Friday, as claimed by TMZ, however it appears that Blueface and Chrisean were merely filming a music video. The couple appears to take vows in front of an altar in the video, which shows Chrisean wearing a white gown with lace accents and holding hands with Blueface.

The Los Angeles-based bakery Bree’s Cakes also shared a picture of a two-tiered cake on its IG Stories, which was embellished with numerous images of the pair. Blueface’s real name is Jonathan Porter and the cake had a placard on it that stated, “Mr. and Mrs. Poter.”

In recent weeks, the turbulent pair has taken both supporters and detractors on yet another wild rollercoaster. It all started with a widely shared video showing Chrisean Rock being led from a podcasting studio on January 19. After she declared she was pregnant and Blueface announced their breakup while fiercely denying that the child was his, they got into a vicious Twitter spat two days later.

Rock and her on-again, off-again partner were seen on tape battling two women on Monday (January 23). It was apparently after Rock tried to surprise Blue by turning up to his birthday party without an invitation.

The ‘wedding shoot’ apparently is for their music video “Dear Rock” in which the dramatic couple have shown to exchanging vows much to the fan’s surprise. It is nothing but a gimmick.

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