Is Netflix’s The Snow Girl Based on a True Story?

Originally titled ‘La Chica de Nieve,’ Netflix’s Spanish assortment ‘The Snow Girl’ revolves throughout the disappearance of Amaya Martín, the daughter of Ana and Álvaro. After her disappearance, the dad and mother don’t get any ransom requires, puzzling Belén Millán, the police officer who investigates the case. Meanwhile, Miren Rojo, an intern on the regional newspaper Diario Sur, models out to hunt out out the abductors on her private. The intricate disappearing case extra will get subtle when the abductors ship a videotape of Amaya to Miren, instructing the reporter to share the similar with the missing girl’s dad and mother. Intrigued by the lifelike portrayal of Amaya’s heart-rending disappearance, we’ve obtained down to find out whether or not or not the thriller assortment is based on a real-life kidnapping case. Well, proper right here’s what we are going to share concerning the similar!

Is The Snow Girl a True Story?

No, ‘The Snow Girl’ isn’t based on a actual story. The assortment is an adaptation of Spanish thriller novelist Javier Castillo’s eponymous novel. Although Amaya and her kidnapping are fictional, the author was impressed by a particular real-life prevalence to place in writing the novel. The genesis degree of Castillo’s e guide shall be traced once more to a particular day he was strolling down a street alongside together with his partner after which three-year-old daughter. When he let go of his daughter’s hand for a while, the author was filled with fears of 1 factor “horrible” occurring to her. He was alarmed concerning the potential for certainly not seeing his daughter as soon as extra, which led him to place in writing a novel a couple of youthful girl’s disappearance, leaving the dad and mother with none assurance of seeing her as soon as extra.

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In an interview given in 2020, Castillo detailed how his concern of pedophilia and separation from his daughter moved him to place in writing ‘La Chica de Nieve.’ In the e guide, Castillo explored the lives of Ana and Álvaro after Amaya’s disappearance to portray the conflicts and fears every father and mother have of their minds within the case of the safety of their children. Although the narrative of the novel is fictitious, by the use of this exploration of Ana and Álvaro’s psychological space, the author succeeds in rooting his novel actually. Amaya’s dad and mother often aren’t very completely completely different from the dad and mother of any real-life missing teen.

Castillo’s concern of pedophilia moreover turned the inspiration of a massive storyline inside the e guide and assortment. While investigating Amaya’s disappearance, Miren comes all through James Foster and David Luque, who’re involved inside the operation of a child pornographic website named Slide. Millán’s investigation moreover leads her to the rapes devoted by David and his son Samuel, which had been taped for importing on the aforementioned website. It doesn’t take prolonged for Merin to understand that her rapists recorded her and uploaded the video to the website as successfully. Through this express storyline, Castillo succeeded in addressing how teen pornography and pedophilia are nonetheless pivotal issues of updated society.

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As far as Castillo is anxious, ‘La Chica de Nieve’ may also be a commentary on modern-day journalism, which prioritizes sensationalism over ethics and dedication to society. While Miren tries to hunt out Amaya as a accountable and devoted journalist, her superior solely tries to profit from her connections with the case to sensitize the data she garners for the enterprise good of the newspaper. The author moreover wished to emphasize the significance of “local journalism” by the use of Merin’s efforts to hunt out Amaya, significantly when the latter is just one in every of many a complete lot or 1000’s of missing children for a nationwide journalist to deeply care about.

Although ‘The Snow Girl’ is a fictional assortment, the storylines of the gathering commendably replicate fashionable actuality. Directors David Ulloa and Laura Alvea use Castillo’s novel as a foundation for a brutally reliable social commentary, rooted inside the harsh realities of our events.

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