Is The Snow Girl’s Amaya Martín Based on a Real Kidnapping Victim?

Netflix’s Spanish assortment ‘The Snow Girl,’ initially titled ‘La Chica de Nieve,’ revolves throughout the disappearance of Amaya Martín, who will get kidnapped whereas she takes half throughout the Twelfth Night Parade, alongside collectively together with her dad and mother Ana and Álvaro. Although Amaya’s dad and mother, police officer Belén Millán and her workforce, and native journalist Miren Rojo obtained down to find the missing girl, all of them encounter dead-ends a approach or one different, until a VCR tape of Amaya leads to Miren’s arms. The intriguing thriller assortment explores the aftermath of the disappearance and its impression intimately, making one curious regarding the doable real-life roots of Amaya. So, is the missing girl based totally on an precise kidnapping sufferer? Let’s uncover out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Amaya Martín Based on a Real Kidnapping Victim?

No, Amaya Martín shouldn’t be based totally on an precise kidnapping sufferer. The character was conceived under the determine Kiera Templeton by Javier Castillo for his novel ‘La Chica de Nieve,’ the availability textual content material of the gathering. Although the novel’s Kiera and the current’s Amaya are fictional characters, the author was impressed by a real-life incidence that occurred in his private life to place in writing the availability textual content material. On a chosen day, Castillo was strolling by way of a highway alongside along with his partner and then-three-year-old daughter. When he let go of her hand, the author was full of fear and panic.

In an interview given in July 2020, Castillo revealed that he was frightened that one factor horrible would happen to his daughter. The fear moved him to place in writing the novel, which explores what happens to a girl separated from her dad and mother, which is perhaps seen as a result of the genesis degree of Amaya Martín. Although nothing alarming occurred to his daughter in precise life, the author explored the worst-case state of affairs as a father by way of Amaya’s fictional kidnapping and her life after the equivalent. Castillo’s experiences and life as a father helped him conceive Amaya and her storyline authentically.

Through Amaya and her disappearance, Castillo wanted to dive into any father or mother’s primal fear of 1 factor unfortunate occurring to their teen or children. In addition, Castillo’s novel moreover addresses the reality of child abduction with the intent to carry one as their very personal teen. Although Amaya shouldn’t be based totally on any specific real-life teen abduction sufferer, the e-book and assortment depict how her abductors abduct her with solely the intention of elevating her as their very personal teen. Through Amaya’s transformation into Julia, the current opens a window into the struggling of the youthful girl, which isn’t very utterly completely different from the experiences of real-life victims.

Amaya’s missing case can be assured to remind us of the fairly a few missing children’s situations that happen throughout the globe. The newspapers’ attempt to sensationalize the predicament for his or her industrial good, with none ethical boundaries and commitments, is an incidence that has been occurring if truth be told as successfully. The current examines how such reporting impacts the chances of any kidnapping sufferer surviving the perpetrators. The end outcomes of Miren’s investigation into Amaya’s kidnapping moreover reveals what “pure” journalism can receive in updated events.

Directors David Ulloa and Laura Alvea end ‘The Snow Girl’ with a optimistic narrative development. The equivalent makes it clear that not every kidnapping case ends tragically or stays unsolved. Having said that, the current moreover doesn’t draw again from depicting the trauma and impression of getting kidnapped even when the sufferer manages to return to not less than one’s dad and mother.

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