Is The Snow Girl’s Miren Rojo Based on a Real Journalist?

Netflix’s thriller assortment ‘The Snow Girl’ revolves throughout the kidnapping of Amaya Martín, the daughter of Ana and Álvaro. Amaya’s disappearance and the absence of a ransom title shake the city of Málaga. Miren Rojo, an intern working on the regional newspaper Diario Sur, models out to hunt out the missing lady not only for her mom and father however as well as for her private redemption. As the Spanish assortment progresses, Miren performs a main place inside the kidnapping case, significantly after she turns into an editor at Sur. Intrigued by her selfless and resilient actions, we’ve now stumbled on whether or not or not the character has a real-life counterpart. Here are our findings!

Is Miren Rojo Based on a Real Journalist?

No, Miren Rojo isn’t based on an precise journalist. The character was conceived by Javier Castillo for his novel ‘La Chica de Nieve,’ which serves as a result of the provision textual content material of the gathering. First of all, Miren’s workplace Diario Sur is a real-life newspaper agency based in Málaga, Spain. Naturally, the viewers can’t be blamed for questioning whether or not or not Miren relies on a real-life editor of Sur. However, the character is totally fictional, equivalent to Amaya and her kidnapping. Castillo named Miren’s agency Diario Sur to make the novel’s fictional narrative and characters nearer to actuality.

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One of the important aspects of Castillo’s novel is its exploration of sensationalism inside the journalistic sphere. The creator makes an try to tell apart sensational journalism and “pure” journalism by means of the character Miren and her expert life. While the foremost newspapers and their heads bear in mind Amaya’s disappearance a reporting rivals, it’s simply Miren who displays compassion in course of the missing lady’s mother Ana. She ensures Ana that she goes to do each half she’s going to be capable to to hunt out her daughter as a journalist and sticks to her phrase even when she is pressured to work for the “numbers” of the newspaper.

Through Miren, every the provision novel and current provide a portrayal of a excellent journalist. When Amaya’s kidnappers ship the journalist a videotape, she not solely doesn’t profit from the equivalent by publishing details about it as an distinctive however as well as does the follow-up inserting in a commendable effort. The character’s actions depict how devoted and socially accountable a journalist must be. She always locations inside the effort to hunt out Amaya irrespective of her PTSD. She fights a wrestle in opposition to interior and exterior demons to make progress in her investigation into Amaya’s kidnapping, which leads her to a breakthrough inside the case.

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Although Miren is a fictional character, she could possibly be thought-about a marketing consultant of devoted journalists who work in regional newspapers, or any media for that matter for the betterment of their social milieu. The creator was impressed by films like ‘Spotlight,’ which relies on an precise division of The Boston Globe, to conceive Miren’s storyline. Despite being fictional, Miren is very similar to the innumerous journalists, along with those that original the “Spotlight” workforce at The Boston Globe, working tirelessly for his or her group in every single place on the earth. Such a similarity moreover makes her and her plights seem real inside the assortment.

In addition, Miren moreover represents a variety of real-life rape survivors, who’ve tirelessly fought their traumas to assemble an admirable lifetime of their very personal. Even when her traumas grasp her consciousness, Miren manages to fight them for the sake of discovering Amaya. Regardless of the challenges she faces, Miren finds a methodology to succeed, which makes her life story a fictional-yet-inspiring survivor’s saga.

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