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Jacqueline Laurita Claims Melissa Called Caroline Too Old For RHONJ

When responding to a fan, former The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member Jacqueline Laurita alleges that Melissa Gorga called another former cast member, Caroline Manzo, “too old and boring” to be a part of the show. Jacqueline was previously a cast member of RHONJ with both Caroline and Melissa. While Jacqueline is close with both women, she is closer with Caroline, as Jacqueline is married to Caroline’s brother, Chris Laurita.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Jacqueline Laurita made these statements in an Instagram comment responding to a fan’s question. After responding to the comment about Melissa’s alleged statement, Jacqueline continued to elaborate on her thoughts on Melissa.

“Melissa always used to say Caroline was too old and boring for the show. (She’s not),” Jacqueline commented. Jacqueline states that she feels the other two women have a friendly working relationship. However, Jacqueline believes that Melissa may be trying to get closer to Caroline because of the rumors that Caroline may be returning to RHONJ. While that rumor is not confirmed, it may have legs now that Caroline has recently been announced as a cast member of The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip season 4. Jacqueline infers that Melissa does not have a need for a relationship with Caroline, outside the politics within the show.

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Jacqueline went on to reply to more comments about Melissa, now commenting on Melissa’s relationship with her sister-in-law and fellow RHONJ cast member, Teresa Giudice. Jacqueline responded to a comment about Melissa being a “liar” and stated that she feels Melissa is “good” at lying. Jacqueline even goes as far as to say Melissa and her husband Joe Gorga, Teresa’s brother, manipulated her into ending her relationship with Teresa. She states that the Gorgas manipulated her by telling her secrets and alleging Teresa said things about Jacqueline behind her back. Jacqueline feels that her relationship with Teresa was taken past the point of no return because of the comments from the Gorgas.

While RHONJ cast member Jacqueline does not have the final say about why Melissa is fostering a relationship with Caroline, her scathing words do tell viewers a lot about the behind-the-scenes relationships of the show. It is obvious that cast members often choose sides in the long-term fight that Melissa and Teresa have been in for years. However, it is interesting to discover that Melissa may be convincing other cast members to switch sides of the argument behind the scenes, as Jacqueline alleges was done to her. It is very possible that by convincing Jacqueline to side with Melissa, she inadvertently ruined any relationship Jacqueline had with Teresa.

If Jacqueline’s comments about Melissa’s motives are correct, then it would make a lot of sense for Melissa to be seeking out Caroline to create that association for the purpose of the show. As Caroline is returning to the Bravo-Universe, it would not be shocking for her to possibly return to The Real Housewives of New Jersey as well in the near future. Whether Melissa is befriending Caroline to rekindle an old relationship or for her own personal gain is not known for sure. However, if Caroline is to return to the show, it would not be a shock for her to side with Melissa as she is not exactly Teresa’s biggest fan.

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Source: Jacqueline Laurita/Instagram

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