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Jersey Shore: Mike ‘The Situation’ Says Ron & Sammi Could Make A Comeback

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino revealed his thoughts on whether Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola would ever reunite with the rest of the Jersey Shore gang. Ronnie and Sammi were cast members on the show from the very beginning, and are best known and remembered for their unstable, drama-filled relationship. Sammi’s departure from the series became evident when the reboot, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation was announced, and she chose not to be involved. Her explanation was that she now leads a different lifestyle than what the reality TV show entails. Ronnie announced his break from the show around the same time, following multiple run-ins with law enforcement, noting his reasoning as wanting to focus on his mental health.

With Jersey Shore: Family Vacation season 6 now premiering on MTV, Mike opened up about the departures of his former costars, and responded to questions raised about whether either of them will be making a comeback anytime soon. With regard to Ronnie’s return, Mike told TooFab, “He needs to, you know what I mean, and that would be up to him. He needs to have relationships with everyone.”

Mike appeared to be responding for the Jersey Shore crew, as he implied that Ronnie’s return requires a conversation to be had with everyone. Mike continued, adding that the decision for Ronnie’s return remains with everyone, “I keep telling him that he needs to keep relationships with the cast…seeing him in the future is definitely a TBD.” To end the conversation on Ronnie’s possible return to Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Mike wanted one thing to be known, “…that wouldn’t be up to me.”

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Sammi’s reality TV revival was expected for Jersey Shore: Family Vacation season 6 more than ever, because of Ronnie’s continued absence from the show. But when asked about the possibility of her return, Mike said, “I guess she’s happy with her significant other, but if I was her I would come back, and I would tell my story. But I guess that’s also a TBD as well.” Mike further discussed the reported drama between Sammi and fellow original housemate, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. Mike expressed his confusion behind Sammi’s decision to block Snooki on social media back in September 2022. “I don’t know why Sammi blocked Snooki…I think she blocked her and then unblocked her because maybe the press checked on it and then obviously, once it subsided, she blocked her again, which is crazy.”

Mike provided necessary insight on whether there should be an expectation of either Ronnie or Sammi’s returns in the near future. Sammi has yet to make an appearance on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, regardless of several attempts from fellow cast mates to return. Additionally, the reasoning behind her decision to not partake in the show’s reboot implies that her departure is significant. Ronnie clearly has some apologizing to do in order for the rest of the gang to welcome him back. First and foremost, Ronnie’s mental health comes first, but part of that process is reuniting with close friends, so maybe a return is warranted.

Both Ronnie and Sammi “Sweetheart” were part of the original Jersey Shore family, and it is justified to be hopeful for a return from both. Whether it will happen and who would vote for such returns is still to be determined, as Mike said. One thing that is for certain is that MTV has held onto six cast members from the very first episode of the series, which is very rare. The family remains, and appears to, for the most part, have open arms when it comes to former cast members’ Sammi and Ronnie’s unlikely plans to return.

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Source: TooFab

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