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Kiriku issues disclaimer as his alleged sister claims he abandoned them after getting rich

Famous kid comedian, Enorense Victor better known as Kiriku reacts to allegations of abandoning his family by lady who claims to be his sister.

319926701 220201263691449 6421232336815873941 n A young lady had gone viral on Tiktok earlier after claiming to be the elder sister of the kid comedian.

She had alleged that Kiriku abandoned them after he became rich and famous, alleging that the family is suffering despite his wealth.

327439364 3337275553207156 6810490755307297804 n Reacting to this, Kiriku denied being related to her and shared pictures of his family, both his throwback prior to stardom and a current one, to disprove the ladies claim.

He wrote;

“MY Names are ENORENSE VICTORY popularly know as kiriku. This the only family that I have. First and last slide is my 2 years tro back birthday picture with my family. Before the small boy bloWg.. You All meet MR & MRS ENORENSE my biological parents

@de_umbrellaboy_ my elder blood brother. He is the first son of my parents

Kiriku number 1 trouble smally of the house (as the last born of my parents)

M please Disclaimer the trending video on tiktok”Screenshot 20230127 152041

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