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Last of Us viewers are hoping Nick Offerman rocks the Emmy

After being bullied for weeks, Nick Offerman finally made his debut The last of us And well…everyone lovable his performance. Despite the game’s ridiculousness, Offerman’s Bill and Frank (Murray Bartlett) had a full-on affair in the live-action series and many are lobbying for an Emmy.

“I wasn’t surprised at all to find out Nick could do something like that. What surprised him was how amazing he was,” says series creator and co-producer Craig Mazin, who wrote episode 3. TVInsider. “I mean, I had such high expectations, and he totally went over the top. It was just incredible to watch him chemistry with Murray Bartlett it was unbelievable. You know, we cast Murray Bartlett, and then a few months later, Murray Bartlett win an Emmy. And we say And so we have these, like absolute A-list players, and they deliver that at a high level.”

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