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Marvel SNAP: Hela Deck Guide (Tips, Cards, & Strategies)

Hela’s ability, “On Reveal: Play all cards you discarded from your hand to random locations,” is simultaneously precarious and very rewarding in Marvel SNAP. Played right, players can bring back a fair number of discarded cards on the last turn to fill a location with a lot of power. For example, Hela costs 6 Energy and plays for 6 Power, but bringing back any discarded cards for free with her can give players the right nudge to win locations.

One main weakness of a Hela deck and other Discard Decks in Marvel SNAP is that they are often easy to spot once players have familiarized themselves. In that case, working around an opposing Hela deck is possible. Therefore, players using a Hela deck should be aware of this and plan accordingly. For instance, Invisible Woman can help hide a player’s strategy, and having cards that can move and change places could also keep an opponent from guessing the game. All cards below are from the Marvel SNAP Collection Pool 3 or lower.

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This first deck is a more conservative Discard Deck in Marvel SNAP, with a more balanced range of Energy costs that can synergize around discarding. There are about five cards that can all discard other cards, helping get cards into the discard pile for Hela to bring back later. Meanwhile, Sunspot can use the more conservative Energy build to his advantage, growing stronger if the player does not spend all their resources throughout all six turns. Morbius also grows stronger with each discarded card, allowing the player to hold down locations and minimize the risk that Hela cannot bring everyone back.

Similarly to Destruction Decks in Marvel SNAP, these decks need cards that can minimize the risk of discarding or make it advantageous to discard cards. For example, Moon Knight can also discard the other player’s cards. Ghost Rider can bring back discarded cards himself, boosting his location. Swarm can multiply, giving the player free copies of Swarm to play or discard and perhaps allowing the player to boost Sunspot in return. This can increase the player’s chances of winning even if Hela does not show up at the end while making Hela’s reveal worthwhile all the same.

As seen on the Bynx_Plays YouTube Channel, this deck can be an absolute powerhouse, although there is slightly more swingy gameplay and higher risk. That being said, the rewards can be worth it. In this deck, only four cards have to discard abilities, which allows the player to have more Marvel SNAP cards to play around with. And as Hellcow can discard two cards, players can still get a good number of discards in their pile. Invisible Woman, meanwhile, can help to hide the player’s discard deck potential from the opposing player to keep some of the avoidance techniques out of play.

Giganto can also help minimize the randomness of Hela’s ability. If cards get destroyed, Death can be played instead of Hela, but players will be hoping to discard her and the other high Power cards like Magneto and the Infinaut. Captain Marvel, meanwhile, helps to secure victory in Marvel SNAP if the points are particularly tight between locations. It is a solid deck with a lot of late-game potential when played right.

While there can be downsides to Discard Decks, such as easy recognition, there are ways to mitigate that. Hela’s potential is quite high, but there is a risk to any deckbuilding technique in Marvel SNAP, and Hela is no exception. Not being able to draw her at the critical moment can ruin that deck’s chances for that game. Even so, her showing up at the right time can make the last moments of a Marvel SNAP game all the more thrilling.

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Source: YouTube/BynxPlays

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