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Mayor Of Kingstown Season 2 Accidentally Mirrors A Game Of Thrones Arc

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Mayor Of Kingstown season 2, episode 2.The infamous Petyr Baelish from Game of Thrones shares a Mayor Of Kingstown season 2 storyline with the villain Milo – and not just because both roles are played by Aidan Gillen. Besides being both villains in the respective TV shows, Littlefinger and Milo have little in common, with the first being famous for his vast network of spies and attempts at manipulating Westerosi elites and the second busy ruling his criminal empire from prison. Nevertheless, Mayor Of Kingstown season 2 seems to hint at Milo following one particular Game of Thrones Littlefinger storyline.

Mayor Of Kingstown season 1 established Milo as the most dangerous criminal in Kingstown due to his ruthlessness. After Mitch’s death, Milo was the only one with whom Mike refused to work in Mayor Of Kingstown season 1, and the magnitude of Milo’s cruelty is evidenced in how he used Iris to force Mike to work for him, only to discard her later. Milo’s prison escape in the Mayor Of Kingstown season 1 finale set him up to show an even more dangerous side in season 2, as Milo seems set to manage his criminal empire freely and quietly for the time being.

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Milo’s Mayor Of Kingstown season 2 storyline as set up by his prison escape hints at him managing his criminal enterprise from afar, hidden from the other major players in Kingstown. This would make Milo’s Mayor Of Kingstown season 2 story arc similar to Littlefinger’s Game of Thrones’ one in seasons 3 and 4. While Game of Thrones seasons 1 and 2 had Littlefinger right in the middle of things in King’s Landing, season 3’s ending brought Littlefinger to plot in the Vale, getting even Sansa out of the capital in season 4 and making her part of his ploys.

Just like Littlefinger managed to garner more and more influence in the chaos he incited all around Westeros, Mayor Of Kingstown’s Milo seemingly thrives among Kingstown’s gangs from afar in season 2 – as hinted at by episode 2’s reveal of the criminal’s hidden base. To keep his prison escape as quiet as possible, Milo can’t assert his position as leader openly, leaving him to handle his criminal operations hidden from all factions and Kingstown’s officials. This makes Mayor Of Kingstown season 2’s Milo story arc uniquely similar to Littlefinger’s, as both are most efficient at manipulating and trying to obtain what they wanted from afar.

Mayor Of Kingstown season 1’s introduction of Milo as an insidious villain hinged on his ability to act meticulously cruelly while also maintaining the upper hand. Milo’s researched approach to torturing Iris might have spurred Iris and Mike’s connection in Mayor Of Kingstown season 1, but it was initially considered by Milo only to manipulate Mike into doing what he wanted. Forcing Milo to use his calculating approach to expand his reach as a criminal overlord would make his cleverness more apparent, as Mayor Of Kingstown season 1 mostly saw Milo’s cruelty as his defining characteristic.

Besides his conniving attitudes and moral ambiguity, Littlefinger was always known for his cleverly hatched plots. Having Milo show those qualities would enhance his character in Mayor Of Kingstown season 2, offering a more expansive look into the cold and calculated villain. If that were to happen, Milo could hold just as much scheming potential in Mayor Of Kingstown as Littlefinger did in Game of Thrones, ultimately enriching Milo and the series at large at the same time.

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