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Meta Quest Pro gets its first ever price drop

When Meta Quest Pro launched last October, it signaled a shift from pure virtual reality to the realm of mixed reality where you can switch between immersive virtual reality worlds and 3D augmented reality overlays with ease. But at $1,499, it’s not an affordable price for many people.

But that is changing now. For a limited time, you can get Meta Quest Pro for $1,099 in the Meta Store (Opens in a new tab). This is $400 and a slightly reasonable price.

When we first started working with Quest Pro, it definitely impressed us. It was incredibly comfortable to wear and – which is important for a VR headset – comes with speakers that produce compelling spatial audio and fusion of VR and AR for an excellent mixed reality experience. It was definitely a great example of what a VR headset can do going forward, from games and workouts to working in VR and AR for meetings and more.

But we struggled to get past the $1,499 price tag. In terms of mainstream VR headsets, $1,499 was a huge leap forward—especially compared to the $399 Meta Quest 2. While the Quest Pro certainly offered better performance and expanded features, including full-color AR passthrough and improved controllers, it was hard to justify most people looking to get into the world of virtual reality why they should spend nearly four times that amount on a Quest. Pro over the Quest 2. Quest Pro seems destined for corporate and hardcore VR users.

However, at $1,099, that price becomes much more reasonable. The HTC Vive XR Elite is the same price but lacks the massive Meta App Store and comes with only half the storage space of the Quest Pro. The PS VR2 headset costs just $549, but when you add at least $399 for the PS5, the Quest Pro suddenly becomes more attractive. For those who are only interested in gaming, the PS VR2 may be the best option, but the Quest Pro gives users more versatility in a standalone design and additional non-gaming features.

If the Quest Pro is still too pricey for you, the Quest 2 remains a great choice for those looking to get into the world of virtual reality. It remains our pick for the best VR headset, and starting February 5th you’ll be able to get one with two bonus games for free for $399. (Opens in a new tab). Either way, there’s never been a better time to buy a VR headset.

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