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Michael B. Jordan Jokes About Lori Harvey Breakup on SNL Debut

Over the weekend, Michael B. Jordan appeared on Saturday Night Live and kicked things off with a witty monologue that poked fun at his past acting choices, his love life, and his laughably handsome looks. As he stepped up to the Studio 8H stage, the star reflected on how big the past year has been for him. He directed his first feature film, Creed III. After that, I went through a very public breakup, Jordan explained, referring to the split he experienced with Lori Harvey last June after more than a year of dating. The majority of people plan on getting in better shape after a breakup. Nevertheless, I was already in Creed shape! Then I thought, Okay, I’ll learn a new language. But anyway, estoy en Raya, he added.

Chloe Fineman, Heidi Gardner, Ego Nwodim, and Punkie Johnson didn’t waste any time in trying to catch a glimpse of the handsome star during the chat about his love life (and him being single). In addition to his intro monologue, Jordan played Jake From State Farm in one of his skits on Saturday Night Live, which netizens adored. In fact, Jake From State Farm’s official Twitter account responded to his hilarious-yet-unsettling performance, posting: Michael B. Jake from State Farm… and State Farm do B. there. Saturday Night Live episode 11 from season 48 aired on January 28 and included several other gags and segments. Pedro Pascal will be the guest host for the next episode of The Last of Us. On February 3, 2023, NBC will broadcast Saturday Night Live season 48 episode 12 with Coldplay as the musical guest.

Actor Michael B. Jordan Appeared On SNL And Kicked Things Off With A Witty Monologue That Poked Fun At His Past Acting Choices And His Love Life

A guest appearance by Michael B. Jordan on Saturday Night Live (SNL) on January 28 marked his debut as a host on the sketch comedy show. The Black Panther actor entertained the audience with a monologue with some self-deprecating humour, poking fun at his past choices as an artist and his love life while still holding the charm that wowed everyone. It’s interesting to note that Michael B. Jordan joked about breaking up with Lori Harvey publicly in June 2022, which was confirmed by her father, Steve Harvey. Here’s what the What If…? the actor said, In his debut monologue on Saturday Night Live: A decade later, I just directed my very first film, Creed 3, but right afterwards I had my very first public breakup. I was already in ‘Creed’ shape after my breakup, unlike most people who say they’re gonna get in better shape after their breakup. In case you were unaware, Jordan was poking fun at how almost everyone works out and gets ripped after a bad breakup.

He was, however, already in Creed-like shape, since he was supposed to play the protagonist in Creed III. In addition to Creed shape, Jordan used a variety of very amusing puns during his monologue, such as Michael B hostin, Michael B jokin, and Michael B vulnerable. As well as his intro monolog, Jordan played Jake From State Farm in one of his skits on SNL, which was adored by netizens. Even Jake From State Farm’s Twitter account noticed his hilarious-yet-unsettling performance: Michael B. Jake From State Farm… and State Farm do B. there. Creed III is the following venture to hit the screens including Michael B. Jordan, wherein he will reprise the role of the nominal boxer. The film is about Rocky Balboa’s enemy turner-companion Apollo Creed’s son, it is also a feature directorial debut for the actor. It will likewise be the first film in the series where fans can not see the Italian stallion, Rocky Balboa, as affirmed by entertainer Sylvester Stallone in April 2021.

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