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My hero academy, Cliffhanger, is staging the final battle of the war

My hero academy Finally preparing for the final stage of the final war between heroes and villains, hardcore from the new chapter in the series sets the stage for Izuku Midoriya’s final battle against Tomura Shigaraki! The final war between heroes and villains developed in such a surprising way that it seemed like the heroes were actually picking up some major victories for the first time since the fight began. But things start to change quickly when All For One begins to unveil a new phase of their grand plan.

With Shigaraki starting to fully unlock his quirks thanks to turning away from Shota Aizawa’s Erasure power, Deku is quickly running out of options on how to deal with the villain moving forward. However, he can no longer buy any time, because with UA Academy still falling to Earth (and with Shigaraki in control of his body once more), it is time for Deku and Shigaraki to begin what feels like the final battle in the series overall.

Is this Deku’s final fight with Shigaraki?

Chapter 379 of My hero academy He picks up shortly after saving Deku from Shigaraki’s decay with a well-placed shot from the returning Lady Nagant. This ends up wreaking havoc on Shigaraki’s mind as he begins to fight against All For One. The villain had been using Shigaraki’s body throughout this battle so far, but now Shigaraki made sure to get away from the villain’s control and now he’s back in his body and ready to use his entire power roster of destruction.

Shigaraki also states that the only way Deku can save him is to destroy everything (starting with his former childhood home), but Deku refuses to believe it. Shigaraki pushed the fallen UA Academy back towards the ground, and now the two stand face to face as they prepare for what already looks like the final battle the two will have. Now it’s just a matter of seeing how long that lasts, and who will be the ultimate winner.

Are you ready for Deku’s final battle against Shigaraki? Who do you think will be the winner in the end? Let us know all your thoughts on this topic in the comments! You can also reach out to me directly about all things animation and other cool stuff Valdezology on Twitter!

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