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Next Bret dominated the odds of James Bond who lost 007 to Daniel Craig | Movies | entertainment

James Bond fans sadly witnessed Daniel Craig’s final 007 adventure in 2021 with the release of No Time to Die. Since then, a replacement has been sought for him. And while Bond bosses have revealed that they will have their next Bond in the coming years, Bond’s odds have been a great indicator of who is likely to take over. And the most popular star this year was a household name.

Currently, Aaron Taylor-Johnson has been the leading Bond prospect after rumors circulated that he had a “successful” meeting with Bond leaders Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson at the start of the year. As a result, Ladbrokes awarded him 2/1 on becoming the next Tuxedo Champion.

However, its main competition is the hard hitting James Bond fans are concerned about.

Taylor Johnson is currently flirting with Henry Cavill, best known for playing Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher and the titular hero in the Superman series.

At the moment, he also has strong 2/1 odds of becoming the new and improved James Bond. But he has an incredible advantage over everyone else.

Ladbrokes has confirmed Cavill as his top pick for the year’s “most popular” James Bond, meaning punters firmly believe he’ll be the next actor to shake, not stir, the martini.

This is even better for Cavill, as he previously auditioned to play Bond in 2005. He even went up against Craig in the process of auditioning for the 2006 movie Casino Royale. Unfortunately, as fans know by now, he lost out to the British star, who played 007 in five movies, ending with the aforementioned No Time To Die.

Cavill later confirmed that he missed out on the role because he was considered “too fat”. He admitted that he did not know “how to train or diet” properly. Despite this failure, he is now one of the candidates for the series’ future, so will he be able to claim it?

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However, Cavill still has plenty of competition. Right behind him in the Bond race is James Norton, who made waves on BBC screens in Happy Valley.

His presence on the small screen greatly improved his odds, putting him up to 4/1 odds of becoming the next James Bond.

Alex Apati of Ladbrokes said: “gamblers can’t get enough of James Norton at the moment and we’ve once again slashed his odds as a result, but it’s still Henry Cavill who has proven to be the year’s most popular selection to play the next 007.”

Of course, Tom Hardy is still in the running with a respectable 7/1. He has long been a fan favorite, but has confirmed that he will not speak publicly about the role, due to his fears of losing it.

However, as his chances continue to dwindle, his chances seem less and less secure. Especially when he’s up against the likes of Regé-Jean Page, who has an impressive 6/1 going champion.

Marvel hero Chiwetel Ejiofor is also high in the race, with strong 12/1 odds of becoming the next James Bond.

James Bond No Time To Die is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video now.

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