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Nigerian lady says she’s having sleepless nights over Frederick Leonard, Peggy Ovire reacts

A Nigerian lady has poured out her heart of how she has been having sleepless nights over Frederick Leonard.

One of the male celebrities a lot of women are crushing over is actor Frederick Leonard. A lot of ladies expressed their joy and at the same time expressed their hurt when he tied the knot with his fiancee, Peggy Ovire. 

The Instagram user commented on one of Peggy Ovire’s pictures with her husband,  Frederick Leonard praising her for glowing after marriage to the actor. She further disclosed that she has been having sleepless dreams about Frederick and hasn’t recovered from the heartbreak of his marriage.

She wrote: “Marriage to our Freddie has given you too much glow. while some of us who married him in our dreams haven’t recovered from the heartbreak. As I speak we going through sleepless nights…it is well Peggy”

In response, Peggy sympathized with the lady and wrote: “Sorry”

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