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None Phone (2) US release 2023

It looks like the next nothing smartphone will get an official release in the US. Co-founder and CEO Carl Pei hasn’t made this a top priority for the company, sharing that Nothing Phone (2) will arrive in the US in 2023. As far as when it arrives, we’re looking forward to it later this year and you can expect a device that delivers an immersive experience. More unique when compared to its predecessor.

talk with inversePei says the US market is not a first priority in this matter. As far as this is now possible, he stated that nothing is more certain, bringing in more revenue in 2022, ten times more than it did in 2021. The company has been careful so far when it comes to releases, starting with something as small as earphones. Ear 1, she measures interest and then moves on to something larger like her phone (1). Because of its successful releases, the company can now move forward, access better parts, and work with new suppliers they previously had no access to, which means a better product for everyone involved.

For the most part, the smartphone has become dull and stagnant in design, and while the Nothing Phone (1) wasn’t the most powerful phone on the market last year, it was the most interesting. The small company took a big risk in designing its phone, introducing a transparent body that gives users a glimpse into its gut. Moreover, the company has used LED lights on the back that have added some flair to its design and also introduced some functionality, as they act as physical indicators for notifications. The company has also focused a lot on software after launching its phone, constantly updating Nothing OS to make it even better.

On the specifics about the phone (2), Pei was somewhat blunt, only stating that the company was aiming for a more premium product. When pressed on whether this will compete with flagships from Samsung or Google, Pei is quick to say that for nothing the phone (1) was a flagship, so take that for what it’s worth when it comes to the phone (2). As far as software goes, this will be a major focal point for the upcoming phone. Although the current incarnation of Nothing OS is outsourced, the upcoming OS for Phone 2 will be in-house, with about 100 people working on it.

Besides launching a new phone this year, none has other ambitions, like expanding physical retail locations. Currently, she has one in London, but Bey doesn’t say where the next store will open. While we are still in the first month of the year, 2023 could get quite busy when it comes to smartphones. As for when to expect the Phone 2, it will arrive later in the year, but since this is coming from nothing, we can expect there to be a lot of noise as we get closer to release.

Source: inverse

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