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One Piece Reveals Vegapunk’s Ultimate Trump Card

Warning: SPOILERS for chapter #1072 of One PieceOne Piece, the beloved series created by Eiichiro Oda, has always been known for its intricate and complex storytelling. From the beginning, the series has been filled with memorable characters, epic battles, and shocking twists. One of the most intriguing characters in the series is the elusive genius scientist Dr. Vegapunk. He is known for creating some of the most advanced technology in the world of One Piece, including holograms, giant mechas, and food replicators, however, it seems that Vegapunk has been holding back his ultimate trump card for quite some time.

In recent chapters of the One Piece manga, we have seen Vegapunk and the Straw Hats fleeing from the powerful assassination organization known as CP0. This is a group of elite agents who are tasked with protecting the World Government and maintaining order throughout the world, often through deadly force and subterfuge. It seems as though Vegapunk has been wary of them for a while, but only recently has he finally resorted to calling upon his ultimate trump card.

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This trump card is none other than Stussy, one of the members of CP0 who has been revealed to be a double agent and a clone of former Rocks pirate member, Miss Buckingham Stussy. The original Stussy’s relation to the group of genius scientists known as M.A.D.S was hinted at in an earlier cover page that depicted her alongside them. However, it has now been all but confirmed that Vegapunk cloned her decades ago in One Piece and has used her as a double agent from within CP0 this entire time. This revelation is not only shocking but also raises many questions about the true nature of Stussy and her relationship with Vegapunk.

One of the most intriguing aspects of this revelation is the fact that Stussy is a member of CP0. This organization is known for being one of the most powerful and secretive groups in One Piece’s world. They are responsible for protecting the World Government and maintaining order throughout the world. The fact that Vegapunk has infiltrated this organization with a clone of one of its members is a testament to his genius and the extent of his reach. Furthermore, Stussy is also known as one of the queens of the underworld, specifically the pleasure districts, and her position as a vector for all kinds of information in the One Piece world may have given Vegapunk a unique edge over the World Government.

The revelation also raises many questions about the true nature of Stussy. Is she aware that she is a clone? Has Vegapunk been manipulating her memories and actions to suit his own needs? It is clear that Vegapunk has been using her as a double agent for decades, but it is unclear how much control he has over her actions. The idea of a character being used as a pawn by a powerful organization is a common trope in One Piece, but the fact that Stussy is a clone of someone who was not only one of history’s most powerful and feared pirate crews ever adds a whole new layer of complexity to the story.

One can’t help but wonder about the implications of this revelation on the story of One Piece. Will Stussy turn against CP0 and join Vegapunk’s side? Will she be a key player in the upcoming battle against the World Government and the Marines? Or will she be used as a tool to further Vegapunk’s own goals? Only time will tell what the future holds for Stussy and her relationship with Vegapunk and CP0 in One Piece.

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