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Online Romance Scam: Woman Sentenced For Cheating On People Her Alleged Partners Had Relationships Out Of $2.6 Million

Providence, Rhode Island – A Texas woman who played a role in online romance scams that swindled victims out of a total of nearly $2.6 million was sentenced Wednesday to more than six years in prison on federal fraud and conspiracy charges.

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Dominic Golden, 31, of Houston, personally collected nearly $1.3 million in cash, checks, money orders, and wire transfers from people across the United States in 2018 deposited into bank accounts opened in the names of bogus people and companies it controlled, and prosecutors. . in Rhode Island. She had pleaded guilty in September to fraud and conspiracy to commit mail fraud.

She will serve her sentence concurrently with a 4 1/2 year prison sentence that began in 2020 in Georgia based on an unrelated conspiracy conviction. Her attorney has requested that she not serve additional time, saying she has cooperated with authorities and is remorseful.

Prosecutors said Golden’s alleged associates contacted the victims via online dating sites, Facebook and “Words with Friends,” convincing the victims that they needed the money. The victims were in Rhode Island, New York, Arkansas, Colorado, North Carolina, Missouri and Florida.

Prosecutors said Golden knew other members of the conspiracy had contacted the victims for the sole purpose of committing the fraud.

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