Parents Provide Profession Info On Tua Tagovailoa 

Tua Tagovailoa went through a lot this season. It was difficult to watch as the quarterback suffered three concussions if you were a Dolphins fan. Two of these concussions occurred within four days of each other. Overall, it was quite the shock, and it has sparked speculation for the future.

Although Tua hasn’t spoken to the media much, there has been this theory that he will retire from the NFL. His concussion problems can create some long-term issues that would interfere with his quality of life. However, doctors around the Dolphins have remained optimistic.

tua tagovailoa

Recently, Tua’s parents Galu and Diane spoke to the media. This took place at the Polynesian bowl, and by all accounts, Tagovailoa is going to play next season. Moreover, the Dolphins seem committed to making Tua the QB of their future.

“He comes back,” Galu said. “That’s their guy. They love him, we love them and what they’re doing and how they’re helping him with his recovery and everything else trying to get him back. […]

“He’s still going through his protocol, but we’re grateful for them, too. Very thankful for Miami. The organization. The owner. [Chris] Grier as a GM and head coach Mike [McDaniel]. That guy’s special.”

Tua Tagovailoa is going to need to be careful over the course of his career. Concussions are absolutely no joke, and they have ruined a lot of careers. Although, sports science has gotten better, so there definitely is hope for Tua and his future.


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