Patrick Chung was maried to ex-wife Cecilia Champion

Patrick Chung is a Jamaican-American notable as a previous football player in the Public Football Association. He fundamentally played for the New Britain Loyalists as a wellbeing.

He had won three Super Dishes in 2015, 2017, and 2019 when he was in the group, so he turned out to be essential for the establishment’s 2010 The entire Ten years Group.

Peruse a greater amount of this article beneath to find out about Patrick Chung’s life, past connections, current dating status, and children.

Patrick Chung was maried to ex Cecilia Champion He met his ex in Boston, Massachusetts, and they started dating not long after. Cecilia got pregnant with their child, Taj James, during their dating years. She was the Leader Head of Chung Evolving Lives, Inc., an establishment by Patrick Chung. Following a couple of long periods of dating, Patrick Chung and Cecilia Champion in the end got hitched on the 30th day of June 2012, in Napa Valley, two years after their child’s introduction to the world.

The wedding was secretly held and just had 150 visitors, including their loved ones.

Tragically, their marriage went to pieces and prompted separate however the date and reason are openly obscure.

On the 26th day of October 2021, the previous football player got accused of homegrown attack, battery, and obliteration of property by his ex.

He purportedly pushed her to the ground, slapped her two times, and broke her telephone after their fight. Patrick’s side asserted in any case and argued not liable yet was captured. He got delivered later on a $10k bail.Patrick Chung isn’t hitched to his significant other: Dating his sweetheart, Regan Johnson The player has not yet hitched after his separation from his ex, Cecilia.

Following the partition, he is as of now dating his better half, Regan Johnson.The insight about their relationship started surfacing in 2019.The resigned football star posted an image of hers interestingly on the 23rd day of June 2020. Their family is cheerfully dwelling together in Massachusetts, US. They are yet to get ready for marriage and wedded. Regan Johnson history Patrick’s better half was born on the 25th day of June 1990 in North Attleboro, Massachusetts, to guardians Donald and Patricia Johnson; she is 32.

She went to North Attleboro Secondary School, Springfield School for her certificate in Training, and American School of Instruction for her lord’s.

As per reports, she is a rudimentary educator at North Attleboro state funded schools.

Beforehand, she worked at Educate for America and was a kindergarten educator volunteer in Ecuador. Sadly, we have not found any Wikipedia profile of Regan Johnson. We will amend this article when one is made. Patrick Chung youngsters Patrick Chung has two children – one with his ex, Cecilia Champion, and one more with his ongoing sweetheart, Regan Johnson. He has a child and a girl.Taj James Chung – Taj James is Patrick Chung’s child, born on the eighteenth day of September 2010. The big brother is turning 12 soon. Layla Chung – Layla is the previous football star’s second and most youthful kid. She was born on the nineteenth day of September 2020 and is very nearly two years of age.

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