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Roadside shooting: Mother identifies Jesse Metzger as victim found shot in Home Depot parking lot in spring

Harris County, Texas (KTRK) – The mother of a motorcyclist who was apparently killed in a rage last week has identified her son and said he is the father of three, with a fourth on the way.

Heidi Meyers-Fidler said her 32-year-old son, Jesse Metzger, was the man who died on January 27 in the spring.

“It is with a heavy heart that I share the news that my son, Jesse Metzger, was killed today in what appears to be a road rage incident in Spring, Texas,” Fiedler wrote on Facebook. “He was not the perfect son or father or husband or brother, but he was mine. He was ours. Today I joined a club of which I did not seek to be a part, and I hope there will never be more of my friends to join.”

According to what police told ABC13, Metzger’s friends found him dead near his motorcycle Friday morning in the Home Depot parking lot. Harris County deputies believe it was another case of road rage.

It happened about 12:30 am on the Northern Highway in Holzwarth.

Authorities said Metzger had been out to dinner with friends.

He left the restaurant, but soon called his friends.

“Our initial investigation indicated that the victim was at a local restaurant with several friends. When he left the restaurant, shortly after leaving the restaurant, he called his friends and said he was being followed by a white Jeep Cherokee,” Sgt. Greg Benkins said last week.

At one point, his friends went looking for him and found him in the Home Depot parking lot off the North Freeway.

Friends identified a deputy in the fourth constituency. At first, the deputies said they thought they were helping with a motorcycle crash, so they called first responders. They soon discover that he has been shot.

Deputies at this time do not know where the actual shooting occurred, but based on what they know so far, they believe it may have been a road rage. They believe that after shooting the victim, he pulled into the parking lot and collapsed.

Although the sheriff’s office is still working to find out the circumstances, they don’t believe there was any kind of brawl at the restaurant.

Representatives are looking for a white Jeep Cherokee. They didn’t release more details about the potential year and make of the car, as well as any details about who they’re looking for.

“Jesse had an infectious laugh,” Fiedler wrote, “was tall and handsome, had a creative talent that extended to music and painting, and he never stopped trying to ‘make it’.”

Metzger’s mother added that her son left behind a wife, Paula, who is due to bear their fourth child in July. The couple has three young children.

Fiedler wrote on file Expense fundraising page that the money would go to a funeral and that anything left would go to her son’s family.

Fiedler said donations are also accepted in the following ways:

Venmo: RussellFiedler

Zelle: 409-682-2266


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The video above is from ABC13’s initial reporting of this roadside shootout.

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