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RRR Star Is Waiting For Marvel's Call To Join The MCU

RRR star NTR Jr. wants to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is just waiting for Marvel Studios’ call to make it happen. The MCU is always looking to add new talent to its roster of superheroes, and Phase 4 has shown just how varied the stars can be. Marvel brought A-list movie stars like Oscar Isaac, Charlize Theron, and Christian Bale to the franchise, while they also brought rising stars like Jonathan Majors and Florence Pugh into the fold. There have also been plenty of actors who received breakout roles through the MCU or capitalized on a recent well-received project to secure a spot in the shared universe.

N.T. Rama Rao Jr. could fit into a variety of these categories, as the Indian actor has seen his career vault to another level after RRR‘s release in 2022. The Tollywood action comedy musical is one of the surprise hits from last year and is largely considered to be one of the best movies of 2022. NTR Jr. stars as Komaram Bheem, and RRR turned him into a superhero of sorts. Now, he is ready to take on a Marvel role. Speaking to Variety, NTR Jr. was asked about joining the MCU next and said, “I would love to do it. I’m waiting for it to happen.” The casting decision is now in Kevin Feige’s hands.

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Finding a role for NTR Jr. in the MCU could be relatively easy considering the wide range of characters he can play. The RRR star has many of the qualities that Marvel Studios typically looks for in its actors. NTR Jr. is incredibly charming but also has the range to deliver heartbreaking and heart-warming moments. His physical transformation for RRR also proved that he can have the superhero physique that might be needed to portray some of Marvel’s strongest characters.

One Marvel character that NTR Jr. can play in the MCU might be Ka-Zar. He is the protector of the Savage Lands and has a sabertooth tiger named Zabu. NTR Jr. playing Ka-Zar in the MCU would give him a powerful human character to portray as the franchise begins exploring the X-Men. Ka-Zar could even factor into potential future projects like Black Panther 3 if the search for the Savage Lands and the hidden world that exists there becomes tied to Wakanda and Talokan’s secret existences.

While other MCU roles could become available sooner, NTR Jr. might also be a great fit for the next X-Men team. It could be fun to see him become Wolverine or Beast as part of the franchise. NTR Jr. could also help bring one of Marvel’s Indian superheroes to the big screen, such as Raz Malhotra, who becomes Giant-Man. With the theories that Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang dies in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania or Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, Raz’s introduction could help the mantle carry on in some form, and the RRR star would be a good fit for the MCU role.

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Source: Variety

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