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Satan comes in many forms in the new teaser episode

While the Mayfair family has been involved with the dark and mysterious entity Lasher (Jack Huston), for Rowan (Alexandra Daddario), it’s just her identification with not only the idea of ​​Lasher, but with the Mayfair and their secrets in general. . During the first three episodes of AMC’s Anne Rice Mayfair WitchesRowan’s life is turned upside down with important discoveries about her biological family and her extraordinary powers but also the stunning murder of her biological mother. Now, in a new clip for this week’s episode of “Curiouser and Curiouser,” Rowan discovers more about the family and the mysterious Lasher – via her Aunt Carlotta (Beth Grant).

In the new clip, which AMC+ shared on their YouTube channel, Carlotta reveals that Lasher came up to her when she was young, but she rejected him – and that she’s confident Rowan will be strong enough to reject Lasher as well, though she has some warning for her niece as well. You can check out the clip for yourself below.

For series executive producers Michelle Ashford, Esta Spalding, and Mark Johnson, getting the character of Lasher to work on screen was quite a challenge considering that in the Anne Rice canon he’s a non-human character, but casting Jack Huston was an ideal choice.

“Lasher was huge,” Ashford said. “First of all, you’re dealing with a non-human. And I’ve asked, ‘Have we ever written something non-human?’” I don’t think we’ve done that. And then, of course, not just writing it, but then you have to turn it into reality and film it. And that’s very funny for a non-human, when it’s in your imagination, you can make it whatever you want. In film, you have to Somehow it becomes real.”

“But it has to be scary and seductive, and grotesque, but it can’t be ridiculous,” said Spalding. “But I have to say, Mark, you should talk to this one too, because I feel like in the beginning when we were sending you beta drafts, you would often start by saying, ‘Let’s talk about Lasher. What are we saying?’”

For him, Johnson said, the impetus was that less was more with Lasher and that Ashford and Spalding put them together perfectly.

“I think Esta and Michelle strike the perfect balance,” Johnson said. “We see enough Lasher and bewildered and dazzled and any number of things by Lasher for what he is.” “So, I guess it freaked me out because I wasn’t quite sure how to introduce it. And the two of you really worked it out.”

This was Houston’s solution. Spalding said they are fortunate that the actor is able to do whatever is necessary to bring Lasher to life.

“Then we got Jack Huston, and it was like, ‘He can do all this,’” she said. “So that was very lucky.”

Anne Rice Mayfair Witches It airs Sundays at 9pm ET on AMC and AMC+.

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