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Save Lawan or explain the detonation of the bomb ends

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  • Let Lawan detonate the bombs and save Mia

throughout the period dying light 2Players are tasked with making some tough decisions. But one of the most difficult decisions is the one that appears near the end of the game. Of course, your decision will drastically change the ending of the game, giving you all the more reason to replay the story and watch for other variables. But, if you are not sure about the outcome of both options, then reading may help you in reaching the final decision.

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You’ve officially reached the final mission of Dying Light 2 – you’ve fought Waltz, and now you have a difficult decision to make. Waltz sets his missiles to target Old Philidor, but Lawan is willing to sacrifice her life and destroy the missiles before they can be launched. Aiden is then given two choices, Save Lawan or let her detonate the bomb and destroy the missiles.


This article contains spoilers for Dying Light 2. Proceed with caution.

Updated by Nathan Round on January 27, 2023: We’ve updated the format of this guide to remain consistent with the current format standards on site here at DualShockers.

Lawan’s rescue

If you decide to save Lawan, you will be given 2 minutes to hike your way to the missile silos at the top of the facility in order to prevent Laoan from sacrificing herself. If you chose to save Hakone earlier in the story, he will arrive and save Mia. Once you get to Lawan, Aiden starts turning around and attacking her. Fortunately, Aiden is able to regain control of himself, using his new power to grab Lawan and jump off the elbow. Unfortunately, neither of them can detonate the bombs attached to the missiles, which are set off shortly after Lawan and Aiden reach safety.

Much of Old Villedor was destroyed With missiles, many lives were lost. A cutscene then shows Spike entering the Fisheye restaurant, where Nicholas informs him that Eden left Philidor after the accident, his whereabouts unknown.

Let Lawan detonate the bombs and save Mia

The rescue of Mia Dying Light 2 ended

Should you agree to Let Lawan detonate the bombsAiden will take Mia and leave the facility. If you had previously chosen to save Hakon earlier in the story, he will arrive to save Lawan just in time before the bombs explode – thus saving Lawan and the city. If not then Lawan will sacrifice herself To save the lives of the residents of Philidor.

The city will be taken over by either the Survivors, the Peacekeepers, or the Colonel, depending on whether you gave the VNC Tower to Frank earlier in the game. Similar to the previous ending, Spike then enters the Fisheye Restaurant and learns that Aiden left Philidor after saving Mia, who unfortunately died a few hours after leaving the X-13 facility.

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