Shannon Sharpe shares clip and claims Tony Romo ‘nearly said the N-word’

Undisputed star Shannon Sharpe has claimed CBS Sports analyst Tony Romo “nearly said the N-word” all through a dwell broadcast.

Tony, a former Dallas Cowboys quarterback, has found himself inside the social media spotlight after his commentary all through Sunday’s sport between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Kansas City Chiefs went viral.

A video collectively along with his suggestions has been trending all through Twitter, which sparked response from former tight end Shannon Sharpe.

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Sharpe claims Tony Romo ‘nearly said the N-word’

Tony Romo has been amid a social media uproar after some viewers thought he virtually said the N-word, Outsider tales. The on-line frenzy started after a viral video that features producer Van Lathan and a bunch of various people had been left scratching their heads after listening to Tony’s commentary.

During the sport, Tony commented: “The extra yards. The tough yards. The finish on the play. Right there you got three ni…”

He continued: “Right there you got three ni. Talked about this. The best tackling team. They don’t miss tackles. And that could be the difference.”

Shannon Sharpe joined the internet reactions by retweeting the video and saying commentators can get “hyped” all through dwell broadcasts.

“It’s [live television],” Shannon wrote. “You get hyped and forget sometimes where you are.”

HITC and GRV Media have reached out to CBS Sports and Tony Romo for comment.

Fans interact in heated dialog over video

The viral video with Tony’s commentary led to an unlimited uproar on Twitter and loads of viewers acquired engaged in heated conversations.

Some viewers instructed Tony may need wanted to say “niners” or “nickelbacks.”

“The only thing I can possibly think of besides that is ‘three nickelbacks’,” one client tweeted.

Another responded: “Niners and the N-word have two different pronunciations of the letter ‘i’. If he was going to say anything else it wouldn’t have been niners.”

Someone else wrote: “Romo is cool. I don’t mind. Context people. No need to get mad.”

In response to Sharpe’s tweet, a fourth added: “Get real, you’re hearing what you want to hear.”

Of course there’s only one one that’s conscious of what Tony Romo was attempting to say. And that’s Tony Romo.

More about Tony Romo

Tony, born Antonio Ramiro Romo in 1980, is a sportscaster and former NFL participant who hails from San Diego.

He joined CBS Sports in April 2017 as lead sport analyst on The NFL On CBS. He commented on Thursday night soccer video video games all through the 2017 NFL season.

Prior to that, Tony spent 14 years as a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys after changing into a member of the workforce as an undrafted free agent in 2003.

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