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Should you return to New York or save Athena?

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  • What are the right options?

~ There are Forspoken Late Game spoilers below! ~Late in the Forspoken story, players will be given the choice to finally return home to New York or stay in Athens and save the citizens. This isn’t an easy decision, as players must essentially choose between Frey’s wishes and those of the people of Athena.

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The choice is given to the players by Fry’s mother, Senta, and once a decision is made, there is no going back, so it is important to choose carefully. The guide below can give you an idea of ​​what’s going on with each option, but the final decision is in your hands.


Back to New York

Returning to New York City may not produce the results many players assume. Choosing to go home really brings Frey home. There is no more fighting, no magic, no more Athena. Fry returns to Homer, living her life as she would have lived it, as the Athena that never existed. Going through this option will end the game, and the credits will roll over after a small cut-scene. Players who want to cut the Forspoken experience short while still feeling like they’ve been given a brief ending may enjoy this option.

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Stay in Athens


Staying in Athena will cause players to climb up Frey’s Mother of Dragons and take the fight directly to Susurrus. This option gives players a greater amount of content to work through and also ties up a lot of loose ends. It’s a satisfying choice to make, as players get the chance to take on, and defeat, the game’s true enemy, the Cuff. Choosing to survive and fight in Athena also gives players access to a large post-game open world where they can revisit areas, complete unfinished quests, and get more powerful loot.

What are the right options?

Forsboken Portal - New York - Athens - Final Choice

This decision can be difficult, but the choice is really up to the player. Depending on the gameplay that follows each of these decisions, it’s clear that the game’s intended ending ends when Frey stays in Athens and chooses to fight Susurrus. Fry’s biological mother, Tanta Senta, makes no effort to hide her hopes for Fry’s survival and fights back. This could be the deciding factor for many players, but it ultimately comes down to whether or not players want to continue Fry’s journey. If so, it is best to stay in Athens. If not, the players must take the safe way out and reunite with Homer in New York City.

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